Focus on the UK Enterprise Software & Application Services markets

Duncan AitchisonAngela EagerChange is a constant in the overall software and IT services (SITS) marketplace and nowhere is this more apparent than in the enterprise software and application services (ESAS) sector. For all its maturity, ESAS is a rife with change and innovation as a constant stream of technology developments disrupt the established technology and supplier landscape.

TechMarketView provides a research stream dedicated to the ESAS marketplace, led by research director Angela Eager, who brings two decades of enthusiasm and experience to the programme, and Duncan Aitchison, also a respected industry commentator known for his in-depth knowledge of the outsourcing and SI markets, most notably the application services segment.

Dedicated UK coverage

Clients accessing the ESASViews research stream are privy to in-depth coverage of the UK space.  This includes hype-free market forecasts and accessible analysis of key market trends which are invaluable resources for organisations undertaking go-to-market strategies, identifying opportunities, and seeking to understand competitor positioning.

Spotting the opportunities

With the enterprise software and application services markets showing the early signs of convergence, TechMarketView’s combined research software and services stream is uniquely positioned to track the developments, identify the implications and spot the supply-side opportunities. Comprehensive market coverage means we can provide informed opinion on all aspects of the market: large, medium and small suppliers, public and private, UK headquartered and international vendors who influence the UK market. We also pay attention to the all-important UK start-up sector. Whether it is market or competitive analysis, acquisition or partner opportunities, ESASViews will provide insight to support your decisions.

Daily views

Get your business day off to an information-rich start with our early morning UKHotViews service, the go-to place for near real time analysis and opinion on the key developments in the UK enterprise software and application services space, then follow through on the most significant events and their implications in UKHotViewsExtra. With over 5000 articles in place and the number growing every day, the UKHotViews archive is a rich resource providing up to date views allied with the background context to help you understand the implications of the latest activities for your business.

Master disruption via flagship reports

Subscribers to ESASViews also have access to the flagship Enterprise Software and Application Services Market Trends and Forecasts reports, Supplier Rankings reports, plus timely, event-led research notes.

The research programme has a particular focus on the effects of disruptive technologies such as the cloud, mobility and social technology on established providers and the resultant threats and opportunities.  

With SaaS making virtually every provider a services provider, the programme also looks at the implications for business and commercial models, and  highlights the providers who are entering the market on the back of the services movement. Analytics and ‘Big Data’ is another key topic – is it in the headlines for the right reasons?

Interact with the analysts

Our research directors are happy to support your business by answering enquiries on our existing research either via email or in a short phone call. The ability to interact directly with the analyst team is one of the aspects of our service that many subscribers value highly and it helps us ensure that our research continues to meet your needs.

TechMarketView subscribers also benefit from preferential pricing and scheduling of custom engagements with our experienced research team. We can bring our independent, authoritative viewpoint to your board meeting, sales conference or other company event.

Download an information sheet on the key topics covered in ESASViews this year under the theme of Breaking the Boundaries HERE