UKHotViews Premium


UKHotViews Premium

TechMarketView’s UKHotViews analysis is considered a ‘must-read’ by leaders from across the UK tech sector and beyond. Through the daily email, TechMarketVIew’s experts provide timely, opinionated analysis of key developments in the software, IT services, business process services and network services markets.

Over the last ten years, this daily insight has built into a hugely valuable digital library of more than 15,000 articles that creates an unparalleled resource on the UK IT market. Topics covered include:

  • Financial results & strategic moves from IT suppliers large and small, public & private
  • M&A activity
  • Funding & investment
  • Tech stock performance
  • Contract wins, losses & opportunities
  • Leadership changes
  • Vertical market trends
  • Future tech trends & areas of opportunity

Until now, this invaluable resource was only available to our corporate subscribers as part of a subscription to our focused research streams. But we recognise that there are many individuals that would benefit from access to this rich, searchable archive too, so we’ve launching a new service, UKHotViews Premium, especially for them.

HV searchIntroducing UKHotViews Premium:
A subscription for individuals

Sign up to UKHotViews Premium for twelve months and you’ll be able to log in and search the library of 15,000+ UKHotViews articles for news and views on suppliers, market and industry trends.

Browse the analysis online or, if you wish, select multiple articles to PDF or print on demand.

Quickly build up an informed picture of a supplier of interest; read what our experts have written about news on Blockchain, cyber or AI; spot trends in share prices over time; or mine the archive for insight on areas of opportunity in the UK public sector IT market.

More than just UKHotViews

In addition to 24/7 access to the UKHotViews archive, UKHotViews Premium subscribers will also have access to TechMarketView’s highly regarded UKHotViewsExtra analysis. UKHotViewsExtra articles are longer and more in-depth than our standard UKHotViews coverage, providing an extra level of analysis and insight.

There are already more than 400 UKHotViewsExtra articles available to subscribers on a broad range of topics such as:

  • regular thought pieces from our expert team (not least our esteemed Chairman Richard Holway MBE)
  • insight gleaned from interviews with the CEOs of a wide range of tech companies on their latest strategy or corporate activity
  • considered analysis of the impact the latest piece of government policy will have on the UK tech sector.

As if that wasn’t enough, UKHotViews Premium subscribers will also be eligible for discounted rates on tickets to TechMarketView events throughout the year - including the flagship ‘Evening with TechMarketView’ held every autumn - and be able to claim a 50% discount off the price of one TechMarketView report during the subscription period.

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Sign Up Now to UKHotViewsPlus

Subscriptions to UKHotViews Premium are available to individuals (not companies) and on a rolling twelve-month basis. The subscription fee is per person and the usage rights are not transferrable to other individuals.

The fee for a twelve-month subscription to UKHotViews Premium, including all the benefits outlined above, is £395 (plus VAT).

Or subscribe for a 24-month period for £650 (plus VAT), a saving of nearly 20%.

To subscribe please click here to complete the registration form, we will then contact you to arrange payment by credit or debit card and activate your subscription.

There are also preferential rates for any UKHotViews Premium subscribers wishing to upgrade to a corporate subscription package. For more details contact our Client Services team on