Monday 26 July 2010

UK SITS Top 20 go backwards!

CV Rankings 2010When we published our inaugural TechMarketView UK SITS (software and IT services) rankings last summer, the Top 20 players had seen headline revenues grow by 8% in 2008. In 2009 the Top 20 saw revenues decline by 1%! Such was the parlous state of the market.

But as almost every player was affected by the downturn, there was actually very little change in the rankings. HP retained its almost unassailable lead at the top of the charts, with IBM and Capita holding on to second and third spots. Other than Capgemini and Fujitsu trading places, the rest of the Top Ten maintained their rankings.

But will the picture be the same next year? We very much doubt it!

To see the full Top 50 rankings, and our opinion on the prospects of the leading players, just download our new CompanyViews UK SITS Rankings report. Of course, you have to be a TechMarketView Foundation Service client to do so, and Puni Rajah ( would be happy to tell you how to become one.

Posted by HotViews Editor at '15:40'