Sunday 26 September 2010

TechMarketViews in the News

It’s been another excellent week for TechMarketView in the News.

Our Earthquake presentation to the Prince’s Trust at BT Tower was featured in an article by the FT’s new tech correspondent Courtney Weaver – TechMarketView eyes IT slowdown. Indeed our prediction of five years of decline for the UK SITS sector, occasioned by the reductions in spend by HM Govt., was carried by a remarkably large number of publications. The best was undoubtedly Simon Quicke in Microscope. Also, on 22nd Sept, the day of the FT article, we got a record number (like three times the previous high) of hits on; many resulting from Google searches on “Earthquake”. Well, it was certainly a 'first' for the FT to use our company name in a headline.

Georgina O’Toole’s comments on the public sector IT downturn were also covered extensively. Eg ContractorUK, NetworkWorld etc. Tola Sargeant got coverage in CRN for how NHS IT reforms could benefit SMEs.

Many other TechMarketView stories made headlines in other media. Holway – now such an iPad fan that one reader asked if he was on commission from Apple (answer unfortunately is ‘No’) – gave his reactions in The Telegraph to a YouGov survey that found iPads are used most for web, email and newspapers. Must admit that the survey results were so obvious as to not really merit comment.

Then there were myriad comments taken from our posts on individual companies. Eg RM, Satyam, Intec and our Philip Carnelley on Why Oracle recruited HP’s Hurd.

Of course, the very best way to keep ahead of the rest of the media is to read TechMarketView first here on HotViews! Readership is up nearly 20% in the last three months alone.

Note - Photo/graphic courtesy of the Daily Telegraph

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