Monday 21 February 2011

2010 - Another great year for SITS stocks

IVQS Q410Investors‘ love affair with UK SITS (software and IT services) stocks continued throughout 2010, a year in which the benchmark FTSE SCS (software and computer services) index rose by 23%. Though nowhere near the 64% growth achieved in 2009, the SCS index still beat all the other non-IT indices that we track, and comfortably so the FTSE 100.

But not all stocks were stars!

In our annual round-up of the UK SITS quoted sector scene, you can see where the smart money should have been – and how investors in main market SITS stocks might have done a whole lot better had they simply bet on every SITS company on AIM!

Plus we see who were the heroes and villains among European, US and Indian SITS stocks in 2010 and point out why UK BPO really was not the place to be – and why recruitment was.

And don’t miss TechMarketView chairman, Richard Holway, musing on the question, “Are we witnessing another tech share price bubble?”

Finally we take a look at the ‘Dearly Departed’ – those SITS companies waving a fond farewell to the London markets. And we rejoice in the (very) few that debuted.

All this in a six-pack (well, six pages, anyway). Just click here to download IndustryViews Quoted Sector – 2010 Review. Oh, by the way, you do need to be a TechMarketView Foundation Service subscriber – as if you hadn’t guessed! And Puni Rajah ( will surprise you with how modest an outlay it requires to join the cognoscenti.

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