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Monday 21 November 2016

LBB AltViz aims high with intelligent applications

AltVizLittle British Battler AltViz is an innovative product development company focused on intelligent applications. Founded in 2013 by Richie Barter and James Billot, AltViz specialises in using machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence techniques to develop business data analysis products for commercial enterprises. The AltViz team provides ‘off-site innovation’ for Fortune 500 organisations across various verticals and is already punching above its weight.

LBB LogoAltViz’s goal is to develop intelligent apps that will deliver incremental revenue growth for the customer and then productise them, offering monetisation opportunities to the initial product sponsor/customer. It’s early days, but AltViz has already had demonstrable success in this regard. The start-up has just launched its first product, ListSmart, with eBay and has tripled revenues over the last year as a result. ListSmart is an intelligent application for professional eBay retailers. It monitors the performance of a seller’s product listings; identifies and prioritises changes to those listings that will increase visibility and drive revenue growth; and learns from the changes that are implemented so that future recommendations become more effective.

AltViz is not short of opportunities to grow revenue from ListSmart. Over the next year, for example, we can expect it to move beyond its initial target market (eBay merchants in the UK), rolling the product out to Europe and targeting related organisations such as middleware providers and other e-commerce marketplaces where eBay retailers store their data. Indeed, we think the LBB’s biggest near-term challenge will be retaining a focus on its AltViz roots and having the time to devote to other customers and potential products. If all goes to plan, however, AltViz will be a step closer to its ambition – to become the “go-to global leader for developing intelligent applications for Enterprise”.

Posted by Tola Sargeant at '08:00' - Tagged: software   AI   machinelearning