Thursday 04 May 2017

*NEW RESEARCH* IoT: Time for IT Services firms to accelerate their strategies?

You might not warm to the term “Internet of Things” (IoT), but it has come to define a system of ubiquitous sensors that can connect the physical world to the Internet. The value is of course in the flow of data from and between sensors/devices and the real-time data analysis that can enable more automated, predictive and intelligent decisions and activities. Possible applications are numerous and diverse, and most are yet to be discovered. However, this nascent market has massive potential to change our lives by making the world smarter. iot

IoT is an excellent example of our research theme for this year: Unlocking the Intelligence. While the estimates for the potential number of sensors dotted around our environment will go into the billions (or even trillions), its most profound impact will come from taking data analytics and digital integration decision making to another level. However, we are only just at the very start of understanding the ‘art of the possible’ and current IoT revenue for traditional IT services suppliers is very small indeed. Furthermore, their challenges involve not only navigating market immaturity, but also in identifying where – and when – to invest.

In this research note we investigate what IT services providers could be doing to position themselves for future opportunities as they flow through. We also examine some of the use cases that have emerged recently and take a look at how some suppliers are positioning themselves for success.

Read the report here: Internet of Things: Time for IT services providers to accelerate their strategies?

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Posted by Kate Hanaghan at '08:30'