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Friday 14 July 2017

Redstor: Reinventing for scale?

redstorWe’ve been tracking Reading-based Redstor for several years now and were more than pleased to see the firm selected to be part of our inaugural Great British Scaleup event, run in association with ScaleUp Group and Cogeco Peer 1.

If one thing characterises the firm - led by CEO, Paul Evans - it is its ability to reinvent itself time and again. Originally a reseller of branded storage products (EMC, Quantum and Symantec) back in the late 1990s, Redstor came to our attention as it evolved as a master distributor of cloud back up services and qualified as one of our first Little Brgbsitish Battlers.

A key milestone in its most recent evolution was the 2015 acquisition of South Africa-headquartered backup and DR software provider Attix5. Attix5 and Redstor were partners for many years, with Redstor selling Attix5’s technology into its customers over here in the UK. Since acquiring the IP, Redstor rebranded the software, dramatically increased the pace of development, and used it as the foundation stone to fulfill its vision of building a data management and security platform.

To complete this vision – and to continue its evolutionary journey – Redstor is more than willing to acquire additional sub-scale companies with their own IP. Something tells us Redstor will continue to reinvent itself in the months and years to come.

The TechMarketView Great British Scaleups programme is run in association with Advisory Sponsor, ScaleUp Group, and Enterprise Cloud & Infrastructure Services Technology Partner, Cogeco Peer 1.

Posted by HotViews Editor at '09:35' - Tagged: datamanagement   backup   GreatBritishScaleup