Monday 30 October 2017

*NEW RESEARCH*: What to expect from the 'new' Micro Focus

imageMicro Focus tripled in size overnight when it completed the merger with HPE Software, it was catapulted into the ranks of the top 10 enterprise software providers, becoming a very substantial global software supplier. The question now is how influential the expanded and reshaped infrastructure software house will be.

At the Capital Markets Day in September the Micro Focus management team stressed that its strategy and operating model would remain consistent with how it has operated previously. It has been a successful strategy but there is also a need to drive top line growth and that is part of the job for HPE Software. There was also an awareness that the enlarged Micro Focus has to grow into its new role as one of the largest software providers, with chief executive Chris Hsu commenting that it is too big not to make its views known, so we can expect more communication on market trends and developments and company positioning around them as it works on its ‘influential credentials’. In the latest report from the Enterprise Software & Application Services research stream we look at what we can expect from the ‘new’  Micro Focus.

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