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18 Dec 2017
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11 Dec 2017
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Monday 18 December 2017

Breaking the Boundaries 2018: The TechMarketView Agenda

Last week TechMarketView’s Chief Analyst Georgina O’Toole introduced our research theme for 2018, Breaking the Boundaries; and each of our analysts gazed into their crystal balls providing predictions for the coming year in their respective fields.

Breaking the Boundaries

If you missed the launch on UKHotViews, you can catch up via the links below:

·     TechMarketView Research Theme 2018: Breaking the Boundaries

·      Predictions 2018 – Application Services

·      Predictions 2018 – Enterprise Software

·      Predictions 2018 – Business Process Services

·      Predictions 2018 – Infrastructure Services

·      Predictions 2018 – Security, Networking & Cloud

·      Predictions 2018 – Financial Services

·      Predictions 2018 – Public Sector

TechMarketView subscription clients should also log in to read the detail behind the UKHotViews pieces in the Predictions 2018 series of reports, which have now been published within our focused research streams.

2018 Research Agenda

Today, we are building on the launch of our predictions for the year ahead with the publication of Breaking the Boundaries 2018, a document available to all which sets out the key themes running through TechMarketView’s 2018 research agenda. Hear from each of our experts about the market shaping trends impacting their specialist areas and how we’ll be setting out to support our clients in the year ahead.
Download your copy HERE.

TMV logoBreaking the Boundaries 2018 also introduces our new strapline ‘UK depth, Global trends’, which highlights the fact that TechMarketView analysts blend a deep understanding of the UK tech market and its suppliers – augmented by privileged conversations with CXOs across the industry – with insight into global tech trends.

As you read through the document, you’ll see that our research directors are able to help you to navigate change and spot opportunities across a broad spectrum of markets and focus areas from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) through cyber security to cloud transformation; and from the payments market to the police market.

You will also hear from our Managing Partner, Anthony Miller, about our passion for the start-up and scale- up scene in the UK. We are delighted to continue to identify and support innovative SMEs through programmes such as Great British Scaleups and Little British Battlers. Getting close to these innovators also gives us great insight into emerging technologies and future disruptors.

Now more than ever, this makes TechMarketView a natural partner to software, IT services and business process services suppliers in the UK market – indeed, to anyone with an interest in the sector.

We look forward to Breaking the Boundaries together in 2018!

Posted by Tola Sargeant at '08:30' - Tagged: trends