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Monday 12 March 2018

Great British Scaleup: Screendragon

Screendragon logoGBS logoWe called out Screendragon as a Little British Battler in November 2014 (see LBB Screendragon adding structure and process to marketing and Little British Battlers: The Fifth Dimension) and since then it has grown steadily, now claiming its place as a Great British Scaleup. Since we last met Screendragon, employee numbers are up by a third to 44. Clients now total >50, including big names like Kellogg, Kimberley Clark, and BP; the biggest success story is in exporting to the US (accounting for 80% of turnover). Most new client wins to date have been via referrals, painting a strong picture of the company’s existing client relationships. Compounded annual revenue growth has been 31% over the last 2 years (despite the currency headwind of a 13% dollar fall last year). And, crucially, Screendragon is an incredibly well-managed business, which, to date, has been entirely self-funded.

The company’s raison d'être remains. Screendragon’s software solutions are focused on meeting the needs of marketing and professional services teams. Clients include Marketing Enterprise Teams and Advertising & Communications Agencies. Over the last five years, the product has evolved, adding new processes along the way, so that it now offers a “holistic” cloud-based project, resource and workflow management software solution. Screendragon’s target market is attracted by the prospect of eliminating the increasing complexities, and hence, inefficiencies involved in modern marketing. And hence, boosting performance and profitability.

The next year and beyond will be all about scaling. Screendragon’s ambition is to be “the #1 agency operations software globally and a top 5 global leader in the MRM category”. It has already proven it can win against peers who are, sometimes, ten-times Screendragon’s size. Accelerating growth will require a step-change in efforts around sales & marketing to realise market potential. There is a big cross-sell/up-sell opportunity within the existing client base. But, there is also an opportunity to add more clients by showing Screendragon’s ability to disrupt a broken Agency business model; agencies are struggling to manage multiple channels and multiple partners, while developing campaigns in quicker time.  Moreover, within Enterprise Accounts – where Screendragon now boasts some of its biggest deals – the market potential is substantial; just this week Proctor & Gamble said it would take more of its marketing back in-house. There is also the possibility of broadening the software’s use cases to target additional verticals.

Watch out for more news on Screendragon a we follow its scale-up journey.

We'll be profiling other Great British Scaleups soon.

Posted by Georgina O'Toole at '10:56' - Tagged: software   marketing   workflow   gbs   GreatBritishScaleup