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04 Sep 2018
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Tuesday 04 September 2018

*NEW RESEARCH*: Application Services Market Trends and Forecasts 2018

The Application Services Market Trends & Forecasts 2018 report is hot off the virtual press and ready toCover download HERE.

With growth of just 1.5% in 2017, Application Services (AS) performed slightly less well that than the overall UK SITS market. The AS arena continues to be shaped by the interaction of a complex set of countervailing forces. On the current market trajectory, there will only be modest annual increases in AS expenditure during the forecast window.

Beneath this somewhat placid surface, however, the AS market is being radically redefined as digital breaks the boundaries that both surround and segment the arena. As we look at the 2017 – 2021 timeframe, rotation to “the new” will more than double demand for digital, platform and cybersecurity related AS. These services will account for 60% of the market just four years from now. Change of this scale and at this place creates both significant opportunities and existential threats for all who make their livings in this space. Understanding these dynamics and the potential responses to them are prerequisites for suppliers and enterprises alike.

The report explores the “what” and the “why” of the forces at play in what next year will be the largest segment of the UK IT services market. It also looks at the “how” of adapting to and prospering in this rapidly evolving environment.

Application Services Market Trends & Forecasts 2018 is available to TechMarketView subscribers who take the ESASViews research stream. If you don’t have a subscription and would like details please contact Deborah Seth.

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