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Thursday 13 December 2018

*NEW RESEARCH* Infrastructure Services Predictions 2019

As we leave 2018 behind and TechMarketView’s Breaking the Boundaries theme, our analysis in 2019 will be framed by our new theme, The Year of the Relationship: Extend, Evolve, Optimise. In Infrastructure Services this emphasises the importance of internal organisational relations and mindset, customer empathy and focus, and deeper, more differentiating partnerships.

In 2019, we believe both suppliers and consumers of Infrastructure Services will need to think more deeply about how they interact with each component in their ecosystems. Every touch point must be optimised – from employees (and future employees), to customers, and partners. The emphasis should be on building more collaborative relationships with trust and joint responsibilities at the centre.year

Our Year of the Relationship theme also plays into our Predictions for 2019:

Hyperscalers deepen their relationship with chips to drive AI adoption
Following extensive investment activity by tech firms in AI chip technology, we expect to see the emergence of even more powerful and cost effective AI offerings. We do, however, believe this trend will not gather pace until later in 2019 – and beyond.  

More organisations get to grips with cloud economics
In 2019, more users of public cloud will attempt to develop a comprehensive understanding of the cost of these services through the application of cloud economics.

The successful players bring their people with them
In 2019, the gap between the best staffed IT service providers and those that are struggling to amass technologists in key growth areas will expand. In 2019, The Year of the Relationship will mean fostering a culture where individuals recognise the benefits of personal development and self-learning.

AI & automation will drive material Infrastructure Services savings
Through next year we expect to see material momentum in both AI and automation for Infrastructure Services, not least in the quality of service experienced by users. Automation and auto-resolution, for example, will dramatically reduce incident management time (by +50%), bringing vast improvements to the way End Users interact with the systems they work with.

Mindset remains a prime obstacle to digital advances
As more technologists accumulate real world experience in key digital areas, it is exposing how mindset more so than technology adoption is holding organisations back. There is, however, a stark dichotomy between those leaders/organisations that are open to substantial change and know how to prepare for it and those that continue to invest in false economies.

TechMarketView reserach clients can read Kate Hanaghan's full Predictions piece here: Infrastructure Services Predictions 2019

Posted by HotViews Editor at '09:16' - Tagged: cloud   automation   AI