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Tuesday 05 March 2019

*NEW RESEARCH* The Digital Skills Deficit – Breaking The Bottleneck

There is a slew of data pointing to the existence of a significant, widespread and deepening digital skills shortage. ItCover Shot is viewed by many as the most significant drag on both the progress of enterprise transformations and the expansion of the IT services sector.

The technology arena, however, is no stranger to recurrent personnel constraints. Every new technological wave brings with it the need for new expertise. This is the one of the biorhythms of the IT world and one to which it regularly readjusts.

So is this latest talent deficit really any different to those that have gone before? And are today’s howls of protestation about the paucity of available “new” (digital, platform, cyber) talent just convenient excuses for both those organisations that wish to drag their digital heels a while longer or vendors which are finding the going tough in the digital era?

Click to download The Digital Skills Deficit – Breaking the Bottleneck for both answers to these questions and fresh insights into the new talent dynamics that are at play in the SITS arena.

This paper examines the factors that are shaping and driving the digital skills deficit, considers the measures which need to be taken to address it and looks at how the supply side is responding to this challenge. It also looks at how this dynamic is impacting the market and seeks to identify what else will need to happen if skills are to become and enabler, not an inhibitor, of growth

If you are an existing subscriber to our Foundation Service, InfrastructureViews, ESASViews, BusinessProcessViews or SecureConnnectViews you’ll know you can access the report by clicking the link above. If you’d like to discuss an extension to your existing subscription or would like details of how to subscribe to TechMarketView, please email Deb Seth.

Posted by Duncan Aitchison at '07:00' - Tagged: skills   research   digital   research   research   research   research