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TechMarketView (TMV) offers a fresh, new approach to the provision of authoritative research and analysis on the UK Software and IT Services (SITS) market. With unrivalled experience and track records, the team at TMV offer clients a unique perspective of the SITS marketplace; one that combines corporate, market and financial analysis of the software and services companies operating in the UK market.

The quality of our analysis derives from the close relationships we have built with the very top CEOs in the industry; cutting through the hype and allowing us privileged access to what is really going on in the sector.

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Our flagship offering is the TechMarketView Foundation Service. Subscribers have access to a range of in-depth analysis, opinionated views, market sizing and forecasts with particular emphasis on the UK software and IT Services sector. Specifically, the Foundation Service includes:

MarketViews - market trends analysis, market sizing and forecasts for the UK SITS sector

IndustryViews - analysing the corporate side of the UK SITS market including M&A, investment activity and stock performance

CompanyViews -  supplier analysis including our UK SITS supplier rankings

OffshoreViews - focused on 'offshore' players and resources in the UK SITS market and global delivery trends

In addition to the Foundation Service, TechMarketView offers a series of focused research streams providing detailed market and supplier analysis and granular forecasts for particular areas of the UK SITS market. These include:

PublicSectorViews - focused on the UK Public Sector SITS market

FinancialServicesViews - focused on the UK Financial Services SITS market

BusinessProcessViews - analysing the UK Business Process Services market

ESASViews - covering the UK Enterprise Software and Application Services markets

InfrastructureViews - focused on the UK Infrastructure Services market

SecureConnectViews - focused on the UK Security, Network and Cloud markets

The Year of the Relationship 2019 BrochureDownload a copy of our research brochure The Year of the Relationship: Extend, Evolve, Optimise. This document available to all which sets out the key themes running through TechMarketView’s 2018 research agenda. Hear from each of our experts in each stream about the market shaping trends impacting their specialist areas and how we’ll be setting out to support our clients in the year ahead.

TechMarketView analysts also provide a range of custom engagement services including presentations and roundtable sessions, which are a great way to draw on their expertise.

Quarterly Research Summary

Every quarter we bring out a review of all reports, analyst views and UKHotViewsExtra research published over the last 3 months in one easy to access pdf. To download a copy of the latest Quarterly Research Summary click HERE.

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