Analysing corporate activity

IV reportsIndustryViews analyses all the corporate activity that impacts the UK SITS market. This activity includes mergers and acquisitions, divestments, IPOs and stock market performance. The research stream includes three core series of reports:

IndustryViews Quoted Sector (IVQS) analyses the stock performance of all the UK-headquartered SITS companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (Main and AIM) each quarter, to show you who are the ‘rising stars’ and the ‘blazing comets’. IVQS also looks at the stock performance of leading US, European and India-based SITS companies so that the UK players can be seen in context with their international peers.

IndustryViews Corporate Activity (IVCA) looks at the industry dynamics driving consolidation in the UK SITS sector. With access to proprietary detailed transaction data via its research partners, TechMarketView brings you a unique analysis of M&A deals involving UK SITS companies—whether buyers or sellers—as well as insight into acquisition valuation trends and analysis of private equity investments in UK-owned SITS companies.

IndustryViews Venture Capital (IVVC) completes the picture by providing insightful analysis of venture capital investments in UK-owned SITS companies.

The IndustryViews research stream also presents occasional privileged interviews with the ‘movers and shakers’ in the investment world, including leading investors and entrepreneurs.

Together, these reports provide you with a holistic perspective on company valuations, industry dynamics and investor sentiment. With news of top deals, SITS index moves, views from the buy-side and of course, the ‘long term view’ from Richard Holway, they will keep you updated, guide your own market assessments and inform your decisions.