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Wednesday 18 December 2013

NEW REPORT: Financial Services Supplier Landscape

coverToday, TechMarketView’s research stream focused on the supply of Software and IT Services to the UK Financial Services industry, FinancialServicesViews, publishes its flagship Supplier Landscape report.

This report, complementing the Market Trends and Forecasts report published in November, profiles the key vendors into the UK Financial Services sector, across the SITS market as a whole and in the individual areas of Enterprise Software, Infrastructure Services, Applications Services and Business Process Services.

The ecosystem of suppliers to the sector is extremely large, but the ten largest suppliers together generate around £4.4bn of revenue, over 40% of the sector total. These top suppliers are a diverse group, including outsourcing specialists, large infrastructure providers, systems integrators, a software giant, three India-headquartered companies and a telco.

Financial Services customers are now moving to shore up their competitiveness and build market position in the face of new competition and more exacting demands from their increasingly fickle customer base. The larger customers will look to their major suppliers for higher levels of business consulting, extensive domain expertise and best-in-class delivery capability. This report details these new requirements and highlights the implications for the companies supplying this important and growing sector.

As the market grows and as Financial Services companies increasingly rely upon their vendors, there will be many opportunities to build revenue and market share. 2014 promises to be an exciting year for the sector and we hope that this report will help our subscribers to navigate it successfully.

In addition to the Supplier Landscape report, subscribers to FinancialServicesViews will receive our Market Trends and Forecasts reports as well as a series of notes focussed on key sector topics. To subscribe, or to find out more, please look at our FinancialServicesViews web page, or contact Deb Seth of TechMarketView Client Services

Posted by Peter Roe at '08:32'

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