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Friday 02 November 2018

*NEW RESEARCH* DocuSign: Are e-signatures practical contributors to digital change?

imageWe’ve previously explored the use of e-signatures as a practical contributors to digital change because of their ability to join the dots between strategy and execution, and applications, processes and outcomes. In an environment where many organisations are struggling to make digital transformation happen, this is the type of application that could make the difference between inertia and action, and help unlock digital budgets. This is one of the issues explored in the latest research from the Enterprise Software & Application Services (ESASViews) stream: DocuSign: Are e-signatures practical contributors to digital change?.

The recent Momentum conference was a good opportunity to review the prospects and value points around e-signature capabilities and learn more about e-signature software provider DocuSign. It is a pivotal time for the cloud-native company as it seeks to move into a new league in terms of vision and capability following the $629m April 2018 IPO and $220m strategic acquisition of SpringCM in August 2018.

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Posted by Angela Eager at '15:56' - Tagged: cloud   software   digitaltransformation  

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