Capita Scaling Partner Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Capita Scaling Partner.

Please complete this application form by 6pm Friday 4th March 2022. 

The most promising candidates will be invited to attend a pitch session in London in late March 2022. We aim to advise you if your application has been successful by Monday 14th March.  After we receive your application we may ask you to submit further information about your company to assist our evaluation.

To be eligible to apply, you should:meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • be a privately held SME with its main focus on the UK market
  • have an innovative, data driven B2B solution that can be used in multiple industry sectors
  • have a solution that is at least at the MVP stage and has been successfully deployed to one or more large clients
  • have ambitions to rapidly scale your business

Full eligbility details, along with FAQs, can be found at We strongly encourage you to read the FAQs before applying.

This form is most easily completed on a laptop/desktop computer though will also work with mobile devices. Please note that response boxes with a little triangle in the bottom right can be expanded to whatever size you need by clicking and dragging on the triangle. You can then insert multiple lines of text. Response boxes without a triangle are single line, for short amounts of text only.

Please print your application formin your browser BEFORE submitting if you want a record.

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The information in this form will be used by authorised TechMarketView and Capita personnel with a specific need to know to assist in the selection of applicants to participate in the Capita Scaling Partner Digital Disruptor Event. Applicant information will not be passed to third party organisations without permission from the applicant company.