Tuesday 05 March 2013

Cloud UK 2013: going wider and deeper into the enterprise

Graphics2013 is shaping up to be a make or break year for cloud computing and the SaaS subsector. The challenge for suppliers is achieving wider and deeper infiltration into the structure of the UK’s public and private sector organisations.

While SaaS is widely accepted in areas like CRM and BI, its next move must be deeper penetration into business critical areas like ERP (for large enterprises as well as SME’s), and to build credibility in areas containing sensitive data such financial management. One of the many consequences of this move will be increased scrutiny around SaaS supplier profitability - or rather the lack of it. It will also have implications on how suppliers tackle the market, in terms of sales operations, as well as the types of applications and supporting services provided under the SaaS banner. In our view suppliers need to work the ‘services’ component in SaaS sooner rather than later.

The report also looks at the structure of the UK cloud market, specifically UK headquartered providers and their SaaS progress. Subscribers to the ESASViews research stream can access the Cloud UK 2013 report here.  As always, if you have not taken a TechMarketViews subscription, Deb Seth will be happy to take you through the sign-up process.

Posted by: Angela Eager

Tags: saas   cloud   software  

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