Tuesday 10 September 2019

'Incredibly awesome and amazingly exciting' Apple Special Event...

...or not

iPhone11AppleAs I previewed earlier today - See New Apple iPhone could be sales success...whatever - I watched the Apple Launch Event tonight so you didn’t have to spend 104 minutes of your life doing it.

I lost count of the number of times ‘awesome’, ‘excited’, ‘amazing’ and ‘incredible’ were used. Then, as if this wasn’t enough, they started to say things like ‘amazingly awesome’ and ‘incredibly exciting’. Seriously, I’m not joking! Every announcement, however trivial, was met with whoops and wild applause from the audience in the Steve Jobs Theatre.

Apple launched Arcade - which is a gaming platform with 100s of games which costs £4.99 pm for a family (whoop) and will launch on 19th Sept (wild applause)

Apple launched Apple TV+ and showed more trailers. Apparently trailers - eg for The Morning Show - have been viewed over 100m times (multiple whoops). It launches on 1st Nov (whoopee) at £4.99pm for the whole family (wild applause). It was not lost on anyone that this is significantly less than Netflix whose shares slumped on the announcement. Apple Services is now second only to the iPhone in Apple’s revenue rankings. It aims for $50b services revenues in 2020.

Oh, and if you buy any new Apple product from today you’ll get a year's subscription ‘free’. (Even wilder applause)

There were a host of new features announced for Series 5 of the Apple Watch. I had to giggle when one of the major new features - ‘always on’ - meant that the watch now told the time 24/7. So you could sneak a view of the time surreptitiously at a meeting without moving your wrist. WOW! I had my first watch some 60+ years ago and ‘incredibly amazingly’ it was ‘always on’ and told the time 24/7 too. Even had a luminous dial so I could see it in the dark!

Apple has released the iPhone 11. Actually, I really liked it - particularly its 2nd camera lens - a 12-megapixel ultrawide lens - and new 'night mode'. Extra battery life (Apple has been listening...) and all for 'just' £749. The photos and video they showed taken by the iPhone 11 were pretty breath-taking (and, of course, greeted with even louder applause)

They also launched the iPhone 11 Pro. This has THREE camera lens and seems to be better than any camera I have ever owned in my life. It really is a ‘Professional’ bit of kit - as well it should be with its £1000+ price tag. But, to be fair, I’ve spent far more than that on my Pentax and a variety of lens in the past. And goodness knows how much I spent on film and developing.

My wife, who for some inexplicable reason was watching in the kitchen with me, asked if you could make phone calls on it. No mention was made of this feature so I really couldn’t answer her.

A new iPad (7th generation) was launched costing ‘just’ £329. iPad now gets its own OS.

So was it all really ‘incredibly awesome and amazingly exciting’?

Well, frankly NO!

Apple TV+ was the star billing mainly because of its pricing and effect on Netflix (and, perhaps, all the other new wannabe video streaming services) The hardware launches were professional but hardly lived up to any of the adjectives used. That said, as I will have to replace my iPhone6 soon as it won’t run IOS13, iPhone 11 would be a great replacement. Maybe I can finally ditch my standalone camera too.

Whoop Whoop. Wild applause.

I’m going to bed.

Posted by: Richard Holway

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