Thursday 07 November 2019

Capita enhances control room tech with what3words

Capita logoCapita has formed a partnership with London-based geocode start-up what3words in a move that will see the location-finding app integrated into Capita’s control room solutions.

The what3words platform divides the world into 57 trillion three-metre squares and gives each square a unique three-word ‘address’. The intention being that it is easier to remember and communicate three-words than a grid reference and far more precise than a postcode. Last year Daimler AG took part in a financing round and acquired a share of c.10% of the business. For further background see what3words finds address of new investor and work back.

what3words logoThe link-up with Capita means users of the Vision Command & Control solution will be able to identify a caller’s location using a three-word address. When used in conjunction with Capita’s 999eye video streaming service, control room personnel will be able to see what is happening in real-time without having to use a separate system to look up the three-word location code.

The increasing popularity of what3words means integrating the technology is a sensible move for both Capita and emergency services. As of last month, 26 police forces, 38 fire and rescue services, and five ambulance services (plus three air ambulance services) in the UK confirmed they were using and accepting three-word addresses. Other bluelight suppliers have taken a similar approach e.g. Northgate Public Services has integrated what3words into its xc control room GIS software and it is also available via Sopra Steria’s STORM command and control solution.

Posted by: Dale Peters

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