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Friday 06 March 2020

*UKHotViewsExtra* Don't throw the baby out with the bath water

I caught up recently with a former DXC colleague, George “Gino” Vitelis (now of Actual Horizon) to discuss the evolving technology landscape within financial services and the challenges of conducting business transformation.

DXC “wrote the book” on largescale transformation and treated itself as “Client Zero” for many emerging digital technologies and business process trends. The scale and impact of those strategic decisions, coupled with the style and approach to implementing these changes were born out of necessity, but for those of us that witnessed them first-hand, it is easy to recognise where significant mistakes were made.

Gino's role exposed him to DXC's strategic decision-making and brought him into close contact with the company’s “C level” executives on the global leadership team. This exposure to the very highest level of a $20bn, Fortune 500 technology company was understandably a fantastic education and a real eye opener.

As organisations seek to make sense of the changing marketplace and respond to the shifting competitor landscape, many have embarked on a complex programme of change, driven by technology. However, crucial elements of how to successfully implement largescale corporate transformation are often overlooked.

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Posted by: Jon C Davies

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