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Wednesday 20 May 2020

$4m funding for data visualisation pioneer Brytlyt

Brytlyt logoLondon-based startup Brytlyt has raised significant funding for what appears to be a significant product that melds GPUs and AI/ML with the open source relational database PostgreSQL to deliver real time analysis and visualisation on large data sets. 

The company claims its product can derive insights 1,000 times faster than traditional systems. We have previously highlighted the importance of data visualisation, as organisations work to extract value from their data stores. The Brytlyt flagship product SpotLyt is a visualisation tool designed to handle ad hoc queries on billions of rows of data, delivering rapidly in the form of digestible graphics, maps and charts. Use cases are extensive, including fraud prevention, attracting and retaining customers, network performance optimisation and risk management, supporting better decision-making and improved outcomes. The startup, founded in 2013, has several of the large telcos as part of its customer base. 

Brytlyt is believed to be the only company to have combined AI and with PostgreSQL for GPU-powered data analytics and the proposition is attracting funding. Amadeus Capital Partners with Finch Capital has invested $4m Series A funding into the company, which takes Brytlyt’s total funding to $6m.

Posted by: Angela Eager

Tags: funding   startup   software   datavisualisation  

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