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Wednesday 14 October 2020

Apple - Lacking the excitement of old

AppleFor more years than I care to recall, I have tuned in to Apple announcements. Under Steve Jobs they were incredibly exciting events. The crowd greeted every statement with whoops and cheers. Everyone waited for Jobs famous ‘one more thing’.

Then Tim Cook took over. Although the excitement reduced, there were still some pretty amazing announcements. In some ways, the crowd seemed to get more and more excited. Cook was always ‘thrilled’. Only in Jan 20, Tim Cook described the iPhone 11 as an ‘incredibly awesome and amazing product’. Whoop, whoop, etc

iphone 12Last night I tuned in again. C-19 meant no live audience - so not a single 'whoop'. Of course the graphics were top notch. But the whole presentation lacked excitement. The new iPhone 12 range is clearly exceedingly good – but in an incremental, rather than revolutionary, way. Indeed, if you look at the media coverage, it would appear that 'no charger and no earphones included in box' was the top story!

But I think I will Homepodchange my 6 year old iPhone 6 for an iPhone 12 mini - purely because I now can’t upgrade to iOS13 let alone iOS14. I doubt it will change my life as getting 5G is a remote dream where I live. I’d be happy will a decent 3G signal.

The other announcement was the HomePod Mini for c£99. I really can’t understand why Apple let leadership in the smart speaker market pass to Amazon’s Alexa. It just seemed so obvious what with Apple’s rich music heritage going back two decades to the iconic iPod.

But, all credit to Tim Cook for building the most valuable global company with a solid spread of lucrative revenue streams. It’s the Apple ecosystem that is now its biggest asset and certainly why Holway will only consider a new iPhone.

Posted by: Richard Holway

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