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Thursday 15 October 2020

Blue Prism targets the Call Centre

blue prismBlue Prism yesterday launched Service Assist, an RPA based offering designed to support call centre agents by automating tasks and freeing up more time for customer interaction.

Service Assist is designed to speed up and automate tasks that ‘suck up’ agent resource and keep them away from the higher value customer interaction that drives good customer experience and ultimately satisfaction – this means automating things like searching databases, scheduling call backs and updating customer records etc.

Blue Prism has cut its teeth in the data centre and in the back office with an enterprise wide approach to automation and its ‘digital workers’ that are centrally managed with an emphasis on stability and security. Whilst Blue Prism has always touched on the front office it is less well known there than other specialist providers such as Robotic Digital Assistant software that helps agents handle simple repetitive tasks. Here, the agent plays a role in facilitating when the automation is triggered and stopped depending on their workflow. This is the market that Blue Prism is now targeting.

The difference and attraction of Blue Prism’s approach is to offer end-to-end automation, right from the back to middle to front office, from one end of an operation to the other in a centrally managed, safe and secure way. Whilst call centre automation specialists have done well, they do add an increasing amount of complexity running separate automation solutions applied to different parts of business operations. As automation and RPA gets applied more strategically, something more integrated, consistent and wholistic like Blue Prism will have obvious attractions.

Posted by: Marc Hardwick

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