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Thursday 15 October 2020

The latest must-have IT services accessory: a new purpose

It seems the latest must-have accessory for the IT services company is a new purpose.

Accenture Brand Campaign - Let there be changeThis week, both Accenture and Capgemini have revealed their reasons for being. Accenture states its purpose is "to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity”. Alongside its new brand campaign entitled “let there be change”, which sees its annual media spend tripled to $90m (see image), the company accentuates the need for it and its clients to embrace change and create more value for the benefit of all. Meanwhile Capgemini outlines its purpose as “unleashing human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future”.

Fujitsu made a similar move back in July, revamping its ‘Fujitsu Way’ for the first time in twelve years. Its purpose? “To make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation." Capita, meanwhile, made its move pre-COVID. A year ago, it rebranded as a “purpose-led living wage employer”.

Creating brands that pursue a social mission is not new. An article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review in 2013 (see Delivering on the promise of a purpose driven brand) highlighted the increasing demands of consumers wanting a company to point to its role in society. The authors stated, “it’s not enough to publish a glossy annual CSR report; businesses must understand that consumers want to actively participate with brands in the pursuit of a compelling vision for change”. Arguably, technology companies are catching up with a broader trend, as COVID-19 has accelerated change in society and brought certain social challenges, relevant across the globe, into the spotlight.

It is easy to argue that the purpose of an IT services company should be to deliver IT services. But it has also become clearer over the last few months that stakeholders (clients, employees, and shareholders alike) – as highlighted in our Tech Goodness campaign on UKHotViews – want to see that tech is being utilised for the wider good.

The latest repurposing announcements have much in common. Really, they are all about setting out the guiding principles by which these companies will do business in this so-called ‘new world’. They highlight the need to ensure sustainability, inclusivity, and a contribution to society. They acknowledge that, due to COVID-19, we see ourselves at a pivotal moment in time, where we all have an opportunity to change the world for the better. IT services companies want to ensure they are seen as a key ingredient in that change. The challenge will be ensuring that the entire business believes in the new principles and acts accordingly.

Posted by: Georgina O'Toole

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