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Tuesday 01 December 2020

Share Performance in Nov 20

SharesI can’t recall the last time the FTSE100 (up 12.4% in Nov) beat the NASDAQ (up 11.5% in Nov). Indeed, apparently the ‘FTSE100 had its best month in more than 30 years’. Although the TechMark100 was also up a respectable 10%, the joy did not spread to the FTSE SCS Index which was only up 1.6%.

SharesOf course, the picture YTD is somewhat different! NASDAQ is now up an impressive 35% YTD but the FTSE100 is STILL recording a near 17% fall. The FTSE SCS Index has fared little better with a 14.6% fall YTD.

The two main reasons behind this bumper month are both well publicised and, indeed, trailed in my previous monthly share price updates. Namely:

  • The US Presidential Election is now resolved – regardless of what Trump might still think!
  • We now have not one but three C-19 vaccines. The end might well be in sight. Although I can’t see things being ‘back to normal’ much before the end of 2021.

But there are still huge uncertainties. How deep will the recession be? How many millions will be unemployed? How many businesses will close for good? With < 1 month to go, will there be a BREXIT deal?

Investors turned to those battered previously – travel companies, hospitality, cruise lines etc. But others have performed well because of C-19. Interestingly we, like many others, got a puppy. Seeing how much my wife was spending in Pets at Home, it seemed a very good investment bet! Their shares have doubled since the start of the pandemic.


In a months’ time I’ll be doing the Share Review of the Year. In Jan 20 we had no idea of what was to hit us. I think we all just hoped that many of the uncertainties (US, China, BREXIT etc) would be resolved. I hope that we can enter 2021 with rather less uncertainty – even if some of those certainties like unemployment and higher taxes are HVPunpalatable. But to paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, ‘It ain’t what I know I don’t know that frightens me. It’s what I don’t know I don’t know…’

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Posted by: Richard Holway

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