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Wednesday 09 June 2021

MK-based WorkBuzz engages funding for employee engagement

logoPerhaps it’s because of proximity to Bletchley Park, once home to the Enigma codebreakers, that Milton Keynes has become a hub for tech innovation. I say that because the town has been popping up recently in our UKHotViews posts as the base for start-ups such as Celaton (see Vin Murria buys in to Celaton) and Smart Recruit (see Midlands fund looks south to back Milton Keynes Smart Recruit) and many others besides.

So here’s another!

It’s MK-based ‘employee engagement’ start-up, WorkBuzz, which has just raised £780k in funding from the Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF) alongside private investors.  

As  I noted only yesterday (see Backers buzz around HiveHR again), employee engagement start-ups abound, so  ‘you pays your money and you takes your choice’! In WorkBuzz’s case, you pay upwards of £150 per month, which sounds a bit of a slug if your business is at the 25-employee entry point for the product. But I guess it all depends on whether you think employee happiness is worth it.

Posted by: Anthony Miller at 08:26

Tags: funding   startup   hrtech  

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