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Thursday 09 September 2021

More dosh for Culture Shift to shift workplace culture

logoIt’s nice to see a startup whose mission statement is written on the tin, so to speak. I refer to Manchester-based Culture Shift, which has developed a platform to report bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Founded in 2018, Culture Shift has raised a further £1.5m in a funding round led by prior backers Praetura Ventures and Blackfinch Ventures. This follows a £1.35m raise back in March 2020 (see Investors back Culture Shift to engender culture shift).

Culture Shift arose from a ‘Report + Support’ system originally developed by the University of Manchester’s Equality Diversity & Inclusion Team in collaboration with their Students’ Union. Perhaps not surprisingly, then, Culture Shift’s stronghold is in UK universities, though the startup is said to be working with other organisations.

I did a very superficial ‘compare and contrast’ of Culture Shift with Vault Platform, a London-based startup that seems to cover more ground (see Vault raises funding to blow more whistles). It looks to me that Vault has more complete platform including – to mind my absolutely critical – a mobile app so that employees can report incidents ‘in the moment’. Also founded in 2018, Vault which primarily targets commercial enterprises, has since raised a further $8.2m.

There is of course room in the marketplace for more than one workplace ‘TrustTech’ platform (as it is apparently known in the vernacular). With a customer base of over 70 UK universities, Culture Shift could have the opportunity to establish itself as the platform of choice in tertiary education (and why stop there? What about schools?). But the Culture Shift team really needs to flesh out the platform in case Vault decides that the education sector would be a great place to target!

Posted by: Anthony Miller at 08:48

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