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Saturday 11 September 2021

Please help to avoid the perils of Facebook

FacebookI’ve been a Facebook user since 2006 – almost at the start of its availability in the UK – as you can see from my first posts on HotViews. I have a select and carefully controlled group of 150 friends and I use it solely for ‘domestic’ use – keeping up with family and friends. I’ve never had any of the usual social media problems – Thank Goodness.

HacksBut recently, sometimes multiple time per day, some crass competition will appear in my newsfeed. Could be something like ‘How many of these 100 countries have you visited?’ or ‘Can you remember you first telephone number?’. I get them in my newsfeed because one of my 100+ Facebook friends has responded.

I was therefore interested to read ‘Facebook spam is worse than you think’ by Kate Bevan Editor Which? Computing Magazine.

The article pointed out the dangers which come from answering personal questions in these quizzes – like your Mother’s maiden name or the street where you first lived. All questions used to verify identity.

But the article also pointed out that these quizzes were used to accumulate lots of Likes, Comments and Followers. Indeed the one I got today had had over 5.2m Likes! ‘The sites can then be sold to unscrupulous marketeers or scammers who strip the page of its previous name and content, and fill it with fake competitions or worse.’

So I really do suggest that all Facebook users think twice about ‘answering these witless questions’. Maybe you’ll be saving your real friends from potential fraud.

Stick to pictures of your kids in their new school uniform by the front door – exactly what Facebook was designed for!

Posted by: Richard Holway at 09:58

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