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Sunday 12 September 2021

The Great British Metaverse

picI was watching the BBC TV technology programme Click over brekkie this morning (Sunday) and it had a segment about Mark Zukerberg’s vision of Facebook becoming a ‘metaverse company’.

By way of illustration, Click reverted to the well-worn trope of some bloke togged up in a VR headset and ‘armed’ with a high-tech ‘weapon’, blasting avatar baddies out of their virtual existence.

Surely this is not what metaverses should be all about?

Here's my ideal Great British Metaverse.

I would be in my kitchen donning a headset and armed with hand-mixer as a Mary Berry avatar teaches me how to bake the perfect Victoria sponge.

Surely a kinder, gentler (and tastier) virtual world to visit.

Posted by: Anthony Miller at 11:14

Tags: #metaverse  

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