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Wednesday 15 September 2021

Apple - Incremental improvements but no show-stoppers

AppleiPhoneI’ve covered Apple product announcements for many decades. They used to be really exciting in the days of Steve Jobs  ‘and one more thing’.  Even under Tim Cook, these ‘shows’ were more like rock gigs with the audience whooping and screaming at every new feature. C-19 stopped the audience participation and now the announcements are pre-recorded. Of course, they are uber-slick. But the excitement has gone.

Last night Apple announced a range of improvements to its iPad, Watch and iPhone ranges. A free Fitness App is available across the range which syncs with the Apple Watch. So much so that the shares of Peleton and Weight Watchers fell as this was seen as a new rival. On the iPad and iPhone, the improvements were mainly around battery life and the camera.

I’ve been particularly impressed with the camera on my iPhone 12. The iPhone13 takes it to another level with greatly improved low light capabilities. The new Cinematic feature (basically allowing you to alter focus area whilst shooting) is particularly impressive for those who like producing movies on their iPhone.

I remember when you were lucky if a computer had 16K of memory. The new iPhone 13 comes with a min of 128G and the top of the range iPhone 13 Pro Max has 1 Terabyte.

None of these announcements are game-changing. But the whole Apple range just gets better and better and will cement Apple’s lead position in the premium end of the market.

Posted by: Richard Holway at 07:59

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