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Monday 11 October 2021

UKCloud joins VMware Sovereign Cloud initiative

ukcUK Public Sector cloud provider, UKCloud, has joined VMware’s Sovereign Cloud initiative. Under the initiative, signatories agree to “protect and unlock the value of critical data through sovereign digital solutions”. The two firms have been strategic partners for around a decade.

Hybrid cloud environments can be highly dispersed, stretching from the data centre to the Edge and encompassing public cloud platforms. Protecting data that might fall under the jurisdiction of foreign laws is highly complex - from both a technical and legal perspective. Furthermore, a very high proportion of the western world’s data (92%, according to The Centre for European Policy Studies) is stored/processed by the US cloud providers. The US CLOUD Act and the invalidation of the EU-US privacy shield by the European Courts of Justice, are some of the concerns behind the creation of GAIA-X - a project to create a federation of data infrastructure and services providers for Europe.

Organisations are not just concerned about the safety of their data, but also accesssing that data to help evolve the organisation. Unlocking the value of data is a cornerstone of digital transformation; new revenue streams - and indeed new businesses and industries - will increasingly be data-driven. VMware’s Sovereign Cloud initiative helps organisations identify providers that can offer “data sovereignty, jurisdictional control, data access, integrity, security, compliance, independence and interoperability”.

In May, UKCloud announced a string of investments aligned with the Government’s “Build back better” policy paper. The firm, which says it is seeing "record levels of demand", has six data centres in the UK.

Posted by: Kate Hanaghan at 09:30

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