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Monday 22 November 2021

Backers power up Eatron’s vision of software-defined vehicles

logoI rather like Eatron Technologies’ theme – ‘software-defined vehicles’ – as it succinctly describes the company’s vision. Formed in 2018, Eatron develops vehicle battery management and motion control software for OEMs.

Headquartered in Warwick University Science Park – but with its R&D centre in Istanbul (!) – Eatron has raised $11m in a Series-A funding round led by MMC Ventures with participation from Aster Capital and Vietnamese electric vehicle startup, Vinfast, with whom Eatron has a long-established collaboration. Eatron previously raised in excess of $1.5m from Hirschvogel Group, the German steel and aluminium forging and machining supplier to the vehicle industry in 2020.

A few months, ago Eatron announced a partnership with WMG, Warwick University’s R&D technology commercialisation unit, to address the COBRA challenge (no, not that one – the ‘Cloud/Onboard Battery Remaining useful life Algorithm’ one). The challenge basically aims to cure ‘range anxiety’ (not their description I hasten to add) by more accurately predicting Remaining Useful Life (RUL) in EV batteries.

This is all good stuff, but what I don’t quite understand is with such close ‘proximity’ to Warwick University, why is Eatron’s R&D done in Turkey?

Posted by: Anthony Miller at 08:46

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