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Tuesday 23 November 2021

Atom Bank embraces the 3-day weekend

AtomAtom Bank, the UK challenger founded by Anthony Thomson, has introduced a four-day working week for its 400 plus workforce. Under the terms of the new policy, salaries will remain the same but the hours worked by each full-time employee will be reduced from 37.5 to 34 hours per week, with the option of either Monday or Friday off.

Atom is the latest UK financial services organisation to adapt its working patterns in response to the impact of the pandemic. The bank’s CEO Mark Mullen believes that the new approach will improve employee wellbeing and make working for the Atom more appealing in the increasingly competitive market for talent.

Many firms have enjoyed productivity improvements from flexible, hybrid working practices adopted as a result of the pandemic and increasingly the most forward-thinking are recognising that commuting to work 9-5 is largely outmoded and inefficient. In the technology sector, some large vendors such as DXC have adopted a “virtual first” approach, with employees based primarily at home, facilitated by remote workplace technology and collaborative tools.

Historically, the necessity for white collar employees to congregate together in office locations was based on analogue processes which required physical (paper) assets to be moved around the workplace. Those days are clearly mostly behind us and, as more and more embrace modern working patterns on a permanent basis, increasing attrition elsewhere is likely to bring about more widespread change.

Posted by: Jon C Davies at 10:44

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