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Tuesday 10 May 2022

Goodbye iPod - "Thankyou for the Music"

iPod frontThere is a drawer in the Holway household into which all manner of old tech is stored. I just can’t throw away my old Nokias or Blackberries. In that drawer are also about half a dozen Apple iPods ranging from the Classic, introduced in 2001, the Mini and Nano and the Touch.

Although not the first MP3 player, Steve Jobs wanted to have ‘a thousand songs in my pocket’. That was far more than the flash storage of the time could hold. So Apple developed a tiny 5Gb hard drive for the iPod. But it was the interface that was so ‘Apple’. The famous ‘Click Wheel’ allowed you to navigate through your song library. Apple had already introduced iTunes on the Mac (and later on the PC) which allowed you to transfer your CDs, produce playlists etc. I remember taking a stack of CDs to my desk each day and transferring them to my iTunes library.

iPod BackMy iPod went everywhere with me. Indeed I had a separate one (the Mini) in my car too. Although I loved the Classic, the iPod Touch (introduced in 2007) was my favourite.  It was basically an iPhone (before the iPhone) that you couldn’t make calls on! iPhone users of today would instantly recognise it.

So why am I writing about the iPod today? Well, Apple has finally announced that the iPod Touch is no more. The Nano and Shuffle were discontinued in 2017. Of course, for the last c15 years the IPhone has had all the features of the iPod anyway. Indeed, few people (including Holway) actually buy physical CDs anymore – replacing them with streaming services in particular Apple Music.

So farewell iPod. You brought this user much joy.

Note- Photos of one of my earliest iPods (3rd Generation c 2003) with my name engraved on the back. It was made of stainless steel and feels as wonderfully solid  to hold in your palm today as it did back then!

Posted by: Richard Holway at 22:01

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