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Friday 19 May 2017

*NEW RESEARCH:* The ‘head in the sand’ approach to cybersecurity will always end in tears

All the signs point to a wave of new ransomware attacks similar to WannaCry emerging in 2017, with healthcare and education identified as particular targets due to their continuing reliance on legacy systems less likely to have been patched against the latest cybersecurity threats.

If they are to avoid the embarrassing and disruptive consequences that successful attacks inevitably cause, public sector IT departments need to take a long, hard look at their existing security provision and decide the most cost effective route to beefing up their defences.

Our HotViews Extra piece ‘WannaCry should make cybersecurity top public sector priority’ discusses the fallout of last week’s attack on the NHS, and explains why Windows XP is not the only vulnerability that needs to be addressed.

Posted by Martin Courtney at '10:03' - Tagged: nhs   cybersecurity   ransomware  

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