Friday 27 November 2015

NEW RESEARCH: IndustryViews Venture Capital Q3 2015

Funding of UK and Irish tech companies continued to be very active last quarter, with a total value of venture capital investment of £638m in 131 deals by 115 investors, according to latest data from corporate finance firm, Ascendant. Although this is 4% down in value terms from the record level Q2, it is up 74% on the same period last year and the number of deals is an all-time record high.

Subscribers to TechMarketView's Foundation Service can read our analysis, along with commentary on selected deals, in our latest IndustryViews report, IndustryViews Venture Capital Q3 2015, which is available for download here

If you don't yet subscribe to the Foundation Service and you'd like details of our Subscription Packages please email Deb Seth in our Client Services team.

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Tuesday 24 November 2015

*NEW RESEARCH* HPE: Creating a Community Cloud

Our latest InfrastructureViews research outlines our thinking on HPE’s Cloud28+ cloud services initiative, which was presented at the recent EMEA Cloud Analyst Day/Cloud28+ Symposium.

Cloud28+ was launched in March 2015 with the aim of fuelling the adoption of off-premise technologies across Europe; 28+ refers to the twenty eight members of the European Union. So far over 150 organisations have become members. Cloud28+ is a worthy initiative and demonstrates how an EU wide digital market place might be created.

Subscribers to InfrastructureViews can access the report here. If you do not subscribe to this research stream, please contact Deb Seth to find out more.

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Tuesday 24 November 2015

*NEW RESEARCH* UK Public Sector SITS Supplier Landscape 2015-16

Report front coverTechMarketView’s PublicSectorViews team has just published its annual review of the software and IT services (SITS) landscape in the UK public sector – UK public sector SITS supplier landscape 2015-16. Following a detailed analysis of the company performance of the leading suppliers, the report provides our latest ranking of the Top 20 players in public sector SITS and reveals how those suppliers have performed compared to their peers and to the market as a whole. In a vertical where the larger SITS suppliers are perceived to be struggling, the rankings may provide some surprises!

In the report, we define the market environment in which the top-ranked suppliers are operating and consider some of the approaches they are taking as they react to changing market conditions. Subscribers can access in-depth profiles of the leading 20 suppliers to the market, which include a thorough analysis of the recent performance of those businesses, their UK public sector strategies and our view of their prospects.

We also look at some of the ’challengers’ to the market—those that are challenging the status quo and offering a different proposition to the leading suppliers in areas like infrastructure services, network services and software.

If that wasn’t enough, the PublicSectorViews team also provides additional detail compared to previous years; the report includes Top 10 rankings for each of the six subsectors as defined by TechMarketView - central government, local (& regional) government, education, health, police and defence (& security) – along with our view of what is driving the success of the leading players in those markets.

Subscribers to TechMarketView’s PublicSectorViews research stream shouldn’t hesitate to download their copy of the report – here. If you are not yet a subscriber and are frustrated that you can’t get hold of this detailed piece of analysis, please contact Deb Seth and she will look to rectify the situation for you.

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Tuesday 24 November 2015

Defence & National Security: Important role for ICT innovation

Front cover of strategy reportYesterday the UK Government published its National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence & Security Review (NSS & SDSR). The key message is that the UK will invest more in equipment and people over the course of this Parliament for the country’s national security – as a country we will simultaneously meet the NATO target of spending 2% of our GDP on defence and the UN target of spending 0.7% of our GNI (gross national income) on development, while increasing investment in our security and intelligence agencies and in counter-terrorism. The Government has committed to a real increase in the defence budget year on year.

Despite the defence, national security and intelligence agencies, and counter-terrorist organisations, being under the same pressure to find efficiency savings (more than £11b has been identified), that money is set to be invested back into national security priorities. In UKHotViewsExtra Defence & National Security: An important role for ICT innovation – Georgina O’Toole considers the role that ICT will play in the UK’s national security in the years ahead - in both achieving the efficiency savings and making defence & security orgnaistions more effective - and the likely opportunities for software and IT services suppliers.

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Tuesday 24 November 2015

What does NHS funding boost mean for SITS?

NHS logo

The government’s priorities for investment over the next five years are already clearer today, a day ahead of the full Spending Review announcement tomorrow. Following the boost for defence and security spending yesterday (see Defence & National Security: Important role for ICT innovation), Chancellor George Osborne today announced an above-inflation injection of cash for front-line NHS services in England.

NHS England will get an additional £3.8bn of funding next year, a rise of 3.7% on its £101bn front-line budget once inflation is taken into account. By 2020-21, NHS England’s budget is set to be nearly £120bn meaning the government will have kept its manifesto promise to increase front-line NHS spending by c£8bn after inflation. Coupled with the extra £1.8bn that the NHS received this year, it means that the government can claim to have increased spending by over £10bn, with c£6bn front-loaded by the first year of the Spending Review.

TechMarketView subscription service clients can read our analysis of the implications for SITS suppliers in the latest UKHotViewsExtra article: SITS suppliers should give cautious welcome to front-line NHS funding boost.

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Friday 13 November 2015

A great ‘Magnificent Seventh’ Little British Battler day

logoMany thanks again to the CEOs of the 12 companies who participated in yesterday’s seventh Little British Battler Day at industry association techUK headquarters in London (for whose support we are very grateful).

  • AgilityWorks
  • Aquila Insight
  • Control F1
  • Dot Net Solutions
  • Memset
  • Modrus
  • Nine23
  • Optimum Contact
  • Perfect Channel
  • Pythagoras Communications
  • Redline Application Services
  • Web Services Integration

It was fantastic to hear how innovative and ambitious these companies are, and how they are providing stiff competition for suppliers many times their size.

We will be writing about these Little British Battlers very soon here on UKHotViews. TechMarketView Foundation Service subscription clients will also be able to read our more detailed analysis in the forthcoming Little British Battler Report.

But don’t worry if you missed the boat this time. Watch out for further news about the TechMarketView Little British Battler programme early next year.

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Thursday 12 November 2015

Today is Little British Battler Day!

logoToday, CEOs from the twelve companies selected to participate in our Magnificent Seventh Little British Battler Day (see here) are coming to London to meet the TechMarketView team and senior partners from MXC Capital to discuss their aspirations, opportunities and challenges in taking their business to the next level. They join over 70 other CEOs whose companies have achieved Little British Battler status since we started the programme in 2012.

You will be able to read highlights of the companies here in UKHotViews shortly. Subscription clients of the TechMarketView Foundation Service will be able to find more detail on the companies in the seventh Little British Battler Report to be published in early December.

Because today’s event sees the entire TechMarketView research team out from the crack of dawn, there will be a limited UKHotViews service this morning. But fear not – we will be back tomorrow as usual talking about the things that really matter in the UK IT scene.

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Wednesday 11 November 2015

NEW RESEARCH - Building Utilities in Financial Markets

There is a lot happening in the Financial Markets sector, as market participants come to terms with higher costs of regulation and of doing business, together with lower commissions and narrower spreads. This environment is creating a new set of challenges for these market players, and for the SITS supplier community.

cscIn the status quo, multiple companies in the Financial Markets business each spend large amounts of money to carry out mundane tasks which confer no competitive advantage whatsoever. Logic and commercial reasoning dictate that this work can be carried out more cost-effectively and efficiently by a separate organisation, working on behalf of numerous organisations – a market utility.

logoThis report looks at the wider issue and examines how two companies, Fidessa and CSC, are building utility models to serve this opportunity. Fidessa is growing organically, broadening its service offering and aiming to recruit more and bigger customers. CSC has chosen to accelerate its move by a significant acquisition, which brings new skills and customer base, as well as providing new opportunities to leverage the company’s existing portfolio.

This examination of the different strategies of these two major players and the key requirements for success in providing market utilities should prove informative to those suppliers who may be, and in our view should be, considering similar moves.

Building Utilities in Financial Markets” is available to FinancialServicesViews subscribers, here.

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Wednesday 04 November 2015

NEW RESEARCH: UK Infrastructure Services Supplier Landscape 2015

chartThe UK Infrastructure Services landscape continues to yield mixed fortunes for suppliers with some large, established players still struggling to grow as challengers with different flexible business models and market approaches take more share. Technology innovation and diversification of supply is critical and suppliers must keep up with the relentless pace of change, satisfy customer demands and exploit new commercial opportunities as they arise.

This report assesses the performance of the UK’s Top 20 Infrastructure Services players and examines the key challenges they face.

Subscribers to the TechMarketView InfrastructureViews research stream can download UK Infrastructure Services Supplier Landscape 2015 now.

For further information please contact our client services team at

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