Tuesday 01 September 2015

*NEW RESEARCH* ESAS Supplier Landscape 2015

ImageThe 2015 edition of the Enterprise Software & Application Services Supplier Landscape report is now available - download it here.

In this report we track the latest developments in the digital journey, including the rise of advanced analytics as the leading digital enabler, adoption trends, and the importance of digital design and the UX, alongside the impact they are having on the supplier landscape and performance of the top ESAS suppliers.

Digital transition demands a dynamic environment in which suppliers are under pressure to reassess and adapt on a continual basis in order to juggle digital developments alongside existing business lines which generate the bulk of today’s revenue and are often the foundation for digital growth.  The net result is the need to wrestle with two very different styles of business - requiring different tools and technologies, operational, commercial and delivery models - running at different paces. The ESAS Supplier Landscape report, which includes the Top 20 supplier rankings across the combined ESAS sector plus Enterprise Software and Application Services breakdowns, provides a window into how the leaders are handling the situation.

ESAS Supplier Landscape 2015 is only available to ESASViews subscribers – if you haven’t taken out a subscription yet, contact Deborah Seth for the low down on how to.  

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