Wednesday 02 January 2019

Share Indices in 2018

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2018 was a pretty awful year for investment - in particular for UK HQed SITS companies. Is the Outlook for 2019 any better?

Holway says “I don’t think I have ever been so uncertain about the outlook for a New Year. I’ve certainly never been so pessimistic. There are so many possible negatives on the horizon. Obviously, BREXIT here in the UK. But also intensified global trade wars, an economic downturn in China, possible weakening in Europe and more turmoil in the US. I could go on and on… Difficult to find any good news to report.

HVPOf course, all these fears might just blow away…in which case a market rebound would be on the cards. But, at the moment, I am NOT optimistic about any of that happening.”

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Posted by HotViews Editor at '07:01'