The 5th Market Readiness Index report provides in-depth analysis and crucial insights for informed decision-making

TechMarketView’s highly anticipated 5th Market Readiness Index (MRI) report “The road to AI: Mapping the readiness of the Top 10 IT & Business Process Service Suppliers" is now available to download.  Accenture, Capgemini, Cognizant, and TCS have emerged as the Leading Pack.

The MRI report provides in-depth scoring and profiling of the largest players in the UK market, detailing their ability to support clients on their AI journey. The Leading Pack are those that have scored above the contingent average in all six segments of the MRI. These organisations score particularly well in Partner Ecosystem and Delivery & Execution, underlining their ability to work with other tech firms to deliver outstanding services for their clients. The report delves into the readiness of the Top 10 largest IT Services players in the UK (excluding hyperscalers) to support their clients in adopting Artificial Intelligence. The companies analysed are: Accenture, Atos, Capgemini, Capita, Cognizant, DXC, HCLTech, IBM, Infosys, and TCS.

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Kate Hanaghan, Chief Research Officer, explains why this is a must read

Kate Hanaghan“Our team analysed the ten largest players from all angles to understand their ability to support customers who are drowning under a tsunami of information on – and experiences of – GenAI. We want to bring clarity to decision making as buyers decide just who is the best fit for them”. Accenture, Capgemini, Cognizant, and TCS all scored well across the board thanks to their consistently mature approach."

“Whether you are a senior IT decision maker in the Public Sector or a commercial industry, the findings of MRI 5 should provide you with comfort. The current hype and excitement around AI, made even more feverish by the latest GenAI wave, has led many organisations to believe they are behind the curve. But the fact is that this is highly unlikely to be the case, and this remains a nascent market. What is crucial, however, is your choice of supplier and the way in which they support your AI journey.”

This report is designed to help end-user organisations – tech buyers and decision-makers – determine the readiness of tech suppliers to support them as they continue to transform. It provides a unique insight into the profiled companies, based on in-depth research interviews and TechMarketView’s unique scoring model. The Market Readiness Index is a keystone piece of research within the TechMarketView Tech User Programme.

Georgina O'Toole, Chief Analyst, tells us more

Georgina O Toole"Behind TechMarketView’s Market Readiness Index (MRI) lies rigorous analysis, drawing on TechMarketView’s unique datasets and in-depth conversations with the tech suppliers and – crucially – their clients. Nowhere else will you find this level of scrutiny across all aspects of a tech supplier’s business and see how it translates into results for their customers."

"In this latest MRI report, we have taken our tried and tested scoring methodology – first established in 2019 - and applied it to understand the readiness of the leading IT services suppliers to support their clients leverage the value from AI. Our extremely thorough analysis cuts through the hype and gets to the bottom of what’s really happening in the market”.

MRI Scoring

The MRI undertakes a rigorous scoring and analysis exercise across six key areas of each company:

  1. Corporate Resilience
  2. Suitability of Offerings
  3. Skills & Resources
  4. Partner Ecosystem
  5. Industry Expertise
  6. Delivery & Execution

The 2024 MRI report analyses and scores 10 companies, namely: Accenture, Atos, Capgemini, Capita, Cognizant, DXC, HCLTech, IBM, Infosys, and TCS.

Why you should read this report?

The Market Readiness Index was conceived with a core purpose in mind - to help technology buyers assess which suppliers are truly best-equipped to be transformation partners on their challenging digital journeys.

Through continuous conversations with end user decision makers across industries, TechMarketView understands they want suppliers that bring provocative ideas, honest recommendations, and true collaboration to the table. Yet sometimes the ideal partner may not be the most obvious choice.

This is where our Index delivers value. TechMarketView's independent analysis allows end user organisations to:

Create shortlists of suppliers objectively evaluated on key criteria
Understand the strengths, weaknesses and readiness of tech firms
Optimise existing supplier relationships and extract maximum value
Validate supplier claims with an impartial third-party perspective
Inform sourcing advisor conversations and procurement processes
Test new ideas and avoid costly mistakes when engaging third parties

Equally, the report will appeal to the supplier community, whether from a competitor or partner perspective, as a company included or if you want to benchmark your AI capability against the IT Services giants in the UK market.

  • Gain a competitive edge by understanding the AI capabilities of the UK's leading IT Services companies
  • Assess your own AI readiness against industry peers
  • Make informed decisions when selecting partners for your AI portfolio offerings

With decades of experience working alongside private and public sector buyers on critical technology initiatives, TechMarketView has distilled these first-hand insights into a definitive decision-support tool for buyers and an informative, assessment tool for suppliers.

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