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The SustainabilityViews research stream is dedicated to in-depth analysis of how software and IT services are being deployed in pursuit of environmental sustainability goals (though note that TechMarketView’s Social Value research also has a home here, straddling both our sustainability and public sector coverage, since one of the UK Government’s social value metrics concerns “fighting climate change”).

Unlike other TechMarketView research streams, SustainabilityViews takes more than a UK-only view of the space when it comes to tracking use case developments for emerging technologies in sustainability-related fields (reflecting that the fight against climate change is a global concern). However, we do focus primarily on UK-present SITS suppliers and UK examples of activities in our detailed supplier profiles and case studies.

Core reports include our comprehensive Sustainability Technology Activity Index, TechMarketView’s unique take on the sustainability technology landscape. Updated quarterly, the Index analyses how emerging and enabling technologies (such as AI, IoT, cloud, blockchain, 5G, etc.) are being used worldwide in a variety of environmental sustainability use case areas; capturing data about project milestones, partner involvement, and product launches, spanning activities in ESG reporting, nature monitoring, supply chain innovations, the circular economy, smart buildings, micromobility, energy grids, and carbon removal (to name a few).

In this stream you’ll also find in-depth profiles and evaluations which look at the credibility of SITS suppliers in the sustainability space (both established players and disruptive new entrants)—examining their policies, practices, and products; end user case studies and our Totally Sust podcast interviews; and analysis of funding and M&A activity. Plus, we provide regular round-ups of how key technology areas have a role to play in delivering sustainability impact (“AI in Sustainability”, for example), and how sustainability issues are being tackled in different industry sectors (such as “Sustainability in the NHS”, etc.)

Our in-depth coverage enables organisations to plan their approaches to sustainability, identify short term and long-term areas of opportunity, and respond to market threats pre-emptively. TechMarketView’s evidence-based analysis is invaluable for competitor analysis as well as for identifying and evaluating potential partners or investment opportunities.


Craig Wentworth

SustainabilityViews is led by Principal Analyst Craig Wentworth, who has more than 30 years’ experience in a variety of senior technology roles across sectors, including over a decade as a respected tech industry analyst.

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TechMarketView has launched a new podcast series called Totally Sust, featuring interiews with key players in the sustainability technology space.

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Sustainability Technology Activity Index Taxonomy

We’ve developed a taxonomy that groups activities by over-arching area, with examples ranging across specialist domains.

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