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Sustainability Predictions 2024 - December 2023

This report covers TechMarketView's Sustainability predictions for 2024. As COP28’s renewable energy capacity and energy efficiency targets range out to 2030 (with a checkpoint at COP30 in 2025) there are many scenarios which could run their course and affect SITS suppliers over the longer term. However, in this report, we focus on six areas that we consider to be the most pressing and the most likely to affect the UK market in 2024.

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The Legal Landscape for ESG - December 2023

This report looks at the various policy and legal frameworks, and emerging standards, in the field of environmental social governance (ESG) reporting—in the UK, across Europe, and in the US. We analyse the implications for organisations of all shapes, sizes, and sectors (when they’re likely to be impacted, and how; and where their SITS technology partners can help customers turn a bane into a boon by capitalising on the data they collect)

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COP28’s Call to Arms for the Tech Industry - December 2023

This report looks at the climate commitments agreed at COP28, and explores where technology can play a part in helping countries meet their renewed obligations (specifically around data – collection, disclosure, and action, biodiversity and habitat protection in support of carbon removal, enabling renewables, greening IT, and making buildings smarter)

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TechMarketView Sustainability Technology Activity Index - September 2023

TechMarketView’s Sustainability Technology Activity Index is part of a new stream of Sustainability.

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