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1088 Reports

TechMarketView Predictions Compendium 2022

This report is a collection of TechMarketView's Predictions for 2022 - including views from our specialists in Public Sector and Financial Services, and our Top Ten Predictions for the Software and IT Services market more broadly.

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UK Police SITS: Market & Suppliers 2021-2024

This report provides TechMarketView’s view of the UK Police Software & IT Services (SITS) market from a market and supplier perspective. PublicSectorViews subscribers will find TechMarketView’s Top 10 Police SITS rankings for 2...

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Computacenter: Feeling fine at 40

In October 2021, Computacenter turned 40 years old, and in many ways the company has changed considerably since its inception. A British brand, Computacenter now operates around the world, generating more revenue outside of the UK than from it. It...

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