Thursday 11 August 2022

*NEW RESEARCH* UK Application Operations Supplier Rankings 2022

Our UK Application Operations Supplier Ranking report for 2022 is now available by clicking here. It features the UK Top 20 UK Application Operations suppliers ranking, by revenue.

The Application Operations (AO) market recovered quickly from the decline in 2020 to post 5.9% yoy growth and liftCover UK sales above £6.5bn last year. The rotation to the New remained the primary growth engine in the AO segment in 2021 with digital centric services revenues surging by over 20% yoy to account for nearly two fifths of total demand. This was driven largely by a marked increase in expenditure on both applications modernisation and migration services, coupled with the more widespread deployment of digital applications,

The Top 20 UK AO suppliers as a group significantly outperformed their smaller rivals in 2021 with the combined revenues of this Tier 1 cohort rising more than 50% faster than the sales in the market segment as a whole. The fortunes of the major players, however, varied significantly and there were both big winners and material losers in the battle for market share in this arena last year. The report both details the variations in performance across the Top 20 AO suppliers and highlights the factors impacting the market during 2022 and beyond.

Subscribers to TechMarketView's TechSectorViews research stream can download the UK Application Operations Supplier Ranking research now. If you are not yet a subscriber and would like to find out how to gain access to this research and much more besides, please contact Deb Seth.

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Wednesday 10 August 2022

*UKHotViews Extra* Residently’s quest for the magic 20% market share

My preferred definition of ‘disruption’ as applied to an industry or market is where ‘a company or technology causes radical change by means of innovation’. ‘Innovation’ can mean a new method, idea, product, technology, etc. But note that ‘radical change’ does not imply success, let alone domination.

logoEntrepreneur Tom Allason dreams of disrupting the global home rental industry with his latest venture, Residently. The way he hopes to do this is by pulling together various strands of the industry to create what he believes will be the world’s first transactional home rental marketplace.

I spoke to Allason after he responded to my post on Residently's recent funding round (see Proptech Residently turfs private landlords as raises more dosh). I was confused as to what exactly he was aiming to achieve and how. Allason has an impressive track record as an entrepreneur, having founded delivery service Shutl, which he sold to ebay for ‘a nine-figure sum’.

TechMarketView subscription service clients and UKHotViews Premium subscribers can read about my chat with Allason and the challenges for Residently on UKHotViews Extra.

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Wednesday 10 August 2022

*NEW RESEARCH* Time for AI-enabled Cobots and Industry 5.0?

Cobot and Industry 5.0 report coverIn case you missed it, TechMarketView has been exploring the area of Augmented Intelligence recently – a human-friendly approach to AI/ML where the role of the technology is to collaborate, aid and amplify human capabilities. Our latest research takes a view through an industry lens, looking at AI/ML-enabled collaborative robots - cobots - within manufacturing and their position within the emerging Industry 5.0 concept.

Cobots are a class of small form-factor AI/ML-enabled robots specifically designed to work with human operators within shared physical workspaces, participating in interactive and collaborative workflows. Built to be ‘smarter’ than traditional industrial robots, more adaptable, as well as safer and more sensitive to their environment – including their human co-workers – their role is to aid and augment human workers. 

Industry 5.0, which builds on Industry 4.0 technologies, is centred on humanising technology and is an emerging production model where the focus lies on the interaction between humans and machines. It puts the wellbeing of the human workforce at the centre of the production process but also looks to the wider use of technology, for societal good and sustainability. 

When you bring cobots and Industry 5.0 together new technology and industry edges and intersections are created, which equates to new opportunities for software and IT services providers. 

Eligible TechMarketView subscribers can download “Spotlight on Emerging Tech: Time for AI-enabled Cobots and Industry 5.0?” for our take on this lighthouse technology that is illuminating a path to greater digitalisation within manufacturing. 

If you are not a subscriber and would like to find out more about TechMarketView’s services, please drop Deb Seth an email. 

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Monday 08 August 2022

*NEW RESEARCH* OffshoreViews Q2 2022 Review

picThe latest edition of OffshoreViews is now available for download by subscribers to the TechMarketView Foundation Service.

OffshoreViews includes our regular summary of the top-tier and mid-tier Indian SI reporting season, along with insightful charts showing multiyear trends for the Top Tier players and a clickable index to relevant UKHotViews posts.

Click here to download the report or contact for further information.

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Monday 08 August 2022

*UKHotViews Extra* CVC Backgrounder: InMotion Ventures

This is the first in an occasional series of backgrounders on corporate venture capital (CVC) business units associated with major UK commercial and industrial manufacturers and service providers. InMotion Ventures is the CVC arm of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR).

logoInMotion wasn’t born a venture capital business. It was launched in 2014 as a ‘mobility solutions’ incubator by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) to test new developments in transportation technologies and services. This role has since been transferred to ‘sibling’ business unit Studio 107, alluding to the ‘107% Rule’ in Formula One grand prix that ensures only the fastest cars get to race. Studio 107 builds mobility businesses and solutions from scratch in collaboration with JLR and its partners.

TechMarketView subscription service clients and UKHotViews Premium subscribers can read more on UKHotViews Extra.

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Monday 08 August 2022

Book your place at the 2022 TechMarketView Evening!

Don't miss your chance to book a place at the TechMarketView Evening 2022! Our popular flagship event is back for the eighth time, and, after a two-year hiatus, we can’t wait to spend the evening with so many of you in person.

The event will take place at the magnificent Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) building in London on 22 September. 

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As in prior years, you can expect an opportunity to mingle with your peers at the welcome drinks reception; to hear first-hand from our analysts and guest speakers through a series of short presentations, fireside chat and a panel debate; and to network over dinner with leaders from across the UK tech sector.

Join us from 6.30pm on 22 September to gain insight from – and share views with - our expert analyst team and guest speakers around the theme of ‘Building Resilience’ and what it means for the UK tech sector. For more on the evening and details of our guest speakers see our website

Ticket sales are open and places are going quickly.

To secure your place, book your table or individual tickets via our event partners tx2events today here.

If you’re unsure which tickets you’re eligible for, or you’d like details of the sponsorship packages available, please email

With grateful thanks to our sponsors. 


Computacenter logoAqillaScaleup Group

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Thursday 04 August 2022

*NEW RESEARCH* CyberViews Q2 2022

Since taking on the role of leading TechMarketView’s Cybersecurity research in April I have been exploring the best ways to bring our readers relevant and timely insight across what is a broad and constantly changing area.

This CyberViews report is a new format we are trialling to bring together the many disparate pieces of news and data from across the market over the past few months and provide some useful insight into the current market trends and drivers. It will also look beyond the UK to global events as geographic boundaries means little to cyber threats.CyberViews

This quarter we are looking at the continuing threat of Ransomware and the changes to the threat landscape with LockBit still the #1 threat, but also ransomware gang Conti abandoning its operations and dispersing into smaller threat actors.

The industrial sector still remains the prime target for cyber attacks according to data from NCC Group. Operational technologies and legacy systems are at increasing risk of attack, with Supply chain organisations now at a heightened risk level. Meanwhile Oil and Gas companies are pledging to band together to focus on building cyber resilience across the industry.

We have also seen a range of attacks during Q2, including double extortion tactics at Bandai Namco, a National emergency in Costa Rica due to a cyber incident, and attacks on logistics, food providers and housing associations in the UK. Cyber security vendors are taking full advantage of these rising threats, many growing double digits or higher. 

Subscribers to TechSectorViews can read the full report here. If you are not currently a subscriber, please contact Deb Seth at for further details.

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Thursday 04 August 2022

*NEW RESEARCH* UK SITS Consulting Supplier Rankings 2022

Our UK SITS Consulting Supplier Ranking report for 2022 is now available by clicking here. It features the UK Top 20 UK Software & IT Services (SITS) Consulting supplier ranking, by revenue.

2021 saw a surge in demand for SITS Consulting services in the UK as enterprises of all hues increasingly soughtCover external advice as they raced to enhance their resilience on multiple fronts. Answering the question of how best to do this at pace provided an unprecedented opportunity for SITS consultancies large and small. The market acceleration which began following the initial COVID lockdown gathered momentum during the succeeding months driving sales of these offerings here up by some 13% yoy last year to just shy of £3.5bn.

At a headline level, the Top 20 UK SITS Consulting suppliers grew significantly faster than the sector as a whole in 2021. Stripping out the impact of acquisitions, however, this community saw their combined revenues rise broadly in line with the improvement in demand for the sector as a whole. There were, nonetheless, both big winners and significant losers in the battle for market share in this arena last year. The new report both details the variations in performance across the Top 20 Consulting suppliers and highlights the factors impacting the market during 2022 and beyond.

Subscribers to TechMarketView's TechSectorViews research stream can download the UK SITS Consulting Supplier Ranking research now. If you are not yet a subscriber and would like to find out how to gain access to this research and much more besides, please contact Deb Seth.

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Tuesday 02 August 2022

*NEW RESEARCH* UK Solutions Supplier Rankings 2022

Our new UK Solutions Supplier Ranking report for 2022 is now available for download and contains the Top 20 UK supplier ranking by revenue for the UK Software & IT Services (SITS) Solutions market.

Solutions RankingThe pandemic highlighted how many organisations were unable to fully function in the event of a crisis. Organisations needed to increase their resilience across a broad range of areas including operations, compliance, service delivery, customer service, skills and people, and partners. This has stimulated a wave of investment in digital technologies that has seen the UK Solutions market remain buoyant since the second half of 2020.

The super charged investment in cloud has been a key outcome, as organisations seek to ensure they have the necessary infrastructure ‘plumbing’ in place to support this over time - and at scale. By working through the components that need to be in place to enable an organisation to digitise, business leaders have started to ensure the various aspects of their organisations are ‘watertight’ for coming years.

The UK Solutions market contains a diverse range of suppliers, from the very largest Systems Integrators through to multi-service consultants to smaller digital solution specialists. This report contains the Top 20 Supplier Ranking (by revenue) for the UK Solutions market. It is part of a series of reports assessing market and supplier performance that includes Solutions Market Trends & Forecasts and Supplier Snapshot reports, due for publication later in 2022.

Subscribers to TechMarketView's TechSectorViews research stream can download the research — UK Solutions Supplier Rankings — now. If you are not yet a subscriber and would like to find out how to gain access to this research and much more besides, please contact Deb Seth.

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Monday 01 August 2022

*NEW RESEARCH* UK Central Government SITS Suppliers Trends & Forecasts

Report Cover imageTechMarketView’s UK Central Government Software and IT Services (SITS) Suppliers, Trends, and Forecasts report is now available. It is the first of six subsector reports that will follow our UK Public Sector Software and IT Services Suppliers Trends, and Forecasts report, which was published last week (see here). It will be followed in the coming weeks by subsector reports for the other public sector subsectors as defined by TechMarketView: local government, health, education, police, and defence.

In this report you will find our analysis of the performance of the UK central government market in 2021, a year in which the market reached double-digit percentage growth. We then look at the years ahead (2022-2025) to determine the likely impact of recent developments, including the plan to heavily cut the number of civil servants in Whitehall.

The report also contains an update to our UK central government SITS Top 20 supplier rankings, with our analysis of what is driving each player’s performance, as well an insight into those suppliers that are threatening to unseat the leading players, and our pick of the ‘ones to watch’, i.e., companies that look to be making some interesting moves to take a share of Whitehall spend.

Later in the year, we will publish an in-depth analysis if the trends impacting the central government SITS market and the opportunities that we think are set to transpire for suppliers working in the subsector.

PublicSectorViews suppliers can find out the size of the UK central government SITS market, its future growth, and who the leading suppliers are by downloading Central Government Software and IT Services Suppliers, Trends and Forecasts 2022-25 today. If you are not yet a subscriber, or are unsure if your organisation has corporate subscription, please contact Deb Seth to find out more.

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