Monday 04 December 2023

Launching TechMarketView's 2024 Research Theme: Enabling Acceleration

Enabling Acceleration Launch Report - Cover ImageWe are excited to launch TechMarketView’s research theme for 2024: Enabling Acceleration (full report here).

Committed followers of TechMarketView will be aware that every year our theme is designed to sum up in a few words the key trends that we think will impact the tech market in the year ahead. Our 2024 research theme – Enabling Acceleration – highlights the intense pressure that organisations feel to keep pace with the speed of technological innovation and make a transformation step change.

That pressure has been magnified with the introduction of Generative AI and its dominance of tech-focused conversations, media publications, and events. How often do we now hear the phrase, “a presentation would not be complete without the mention of GenAI”?

GenAI has, arguably, been a fresh catalyst that has resulted in CXOs of all organisations considering how new technologies are set to impact their businesses. They are worrying about everything from keeping pace with the competition, to keeping pace with cyber threats, to keeping pace with employee expectations.

As a result, we are seeing organisations reassess their existing data and AI investment and seek to scale pilots and proof of concepts faster to realise benefit more widely. We believe the twelve months of 2024 will see companies shift time and resource into making sure they are ready to adopt and leverage – at pace – the value of emerging (as well as more traditional) technologies, including but not limited to AI.

For a more in-depth delve into our 2024 Research Theme, TechMarketView subscribers can download the research report - Launching TechMarketView’s 2024 Research Theme: Enabling Acceleration - now. If you are not yet a subscriber and would like to understand more about our research theme, including the key actions that we believe suppliers and end users should be taking in the year ahead, please contact Deb Seth to find out how to access. 

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Monday 04 December 2023

TechMarketView announces Senior Leadership Team

TechMarketView is delighted to announce that Senior Research Directors, Dale Peters and Marc Hardwick, will be joining the company’s newly formed Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

Marc and DaleFollowing a Management Buyout in the Summer by existing management (Tola Sargeant, Georgina O’Toole, Deb Seth, and Kate Hanaghan), the Senior Leadership Team has been formed to drive forward specific strategic initiatives. These will largely be focused on improving the customer experience by broadening our portfolio and creating new ways to absorb our insights.

Dale Peters will be celebrating seven years at TechMarketView in January. He leads the PublicSectorViews research programme having worked in public sector technology since 2002. Alongside his invaluable experience, Dale’s drive for excellence and his ability to deliver insightful analysis from swathes of data makes him incredibly popular with clients.

Marc Hardwick celebrated six years with TechMarketView in October. He is a Senior Research Director within the TechSectorViews research programme focusing on user experiences, automation, and Business Process Services. Marc is a hugely experienced analyst with a range of senior roles under his belt. Furthermore, his ability to deliver complex projects has delighted customers over the years.

TechMarketView’s research focus in areas such as Sustainability, AI, Customer Experience, Cyber, and Automation has proved invaluable to our clients in 2023. Our unique insight into the various distinct areas of the UK public sector market, and our understanding of the large and complex UK Financial Services market, has helped guide suppliers and buyers alike as they navigate change and transformation. The SLT will drive forward exciting initiatives in 2024 making sure customers continue to leverage an even richer selection of analysis, advisory services, and project work to support their important strategic decisions.

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Friday 01 December 2023

*NEW RESEARCH* Artificial Intelligence: Market Trends, Use cases and Suppliers

TechMarketView’s highly anticipated report, Artificial Intelligence: Market Trends, Use cases and Suppliers, is now available to our customers taking TechSectorViews.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to dominate the market narrative, influencing digital transformation investment across all industries and market segments. The development of machine learning and deep learning technologies, as well as generative AI models, large language models (LLMs) and foundation models, hold huge potential to usher in a new era of conversation enabled tools, changing how we work, communicate, and consume data.

In particular, the recent boom in interest surrounding Generative AI has galvanised corporate spending and moved AI to the top of the boardroom agenda.  Yet despite being a notable inflection point, Gen AI is just the latest iteration in a long and ongoing journey of AI development.

With AI set to be a key theme for 2024 and beyond, this report will analyse current market trends, review AI investments and innovation from UK suppliers, and break down the myriad new terminologies we are all grappling with. The report also highlights many of the potential use cases for AI across the UK software and IT services market, and some of the suppliers exploiting them. This report will be supported by forthcoming research that will look deeper at innovative start-ups, market demand and key trends at both a technological and industry level.

If you are a subscriber to TechSectorViews, click to download Artificial Intelligence: Market trends, use cases and suppliers report. If you don’t have a subscription and would like to gain access the report and our other research and services, please contact Deb Seth.

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