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Enterprise Awards Dinner - 28th March 2023

The annual Enterprise Awards – organised by ScaleUp Group in association with the WCIT – is once again celebrating and recognising the very best of the UK’s technology entrepreneurial talent with ‘The Oscars of the Technology Industry’.

Each year, hundreds of the movers and shakers of the UK technology sector – including entrepreneurs, investors and advisors – come together to honour the best of the best. 

The 11th Enterprise Awards Dinner sponsored by Evelyn Partners, ScaleUp Group, Silverpeak and TechMarketview will be hosted on 28th March 2023 at Drapers’ Hall in the City of London.

Entries Now Open

Entries for the 2023 awards are now open. The categories are:

Emerging Entrepreneur – £1m - £3m annual revenue

Developing Entrepreneur – £3m - £20m annual revenue

Green Tech Entrepreneur - for entrepreneurs whose business uses technology to reduce human impacts on the natural environment (min. £500k annual revenue)

Enterprise Entrepreneur – annual revenue over £20m

Scale Up Entrepreneur – > 50% growth pa (min. £1m annual revenue)

Public Sector Entrepreneur – for entrepreneurs targeting the public sector (min. £1m annual revenue)

Social Enterprise Entrepreneur – entrepreneurs with a business model that gives something back (min. £1m annual revenue)

Deep Tech Entrepreneur – for entrepreneurs with game-changing, innovative, unique, core technology (min. £1m annual revenue) 

For further information on the awards and how to enter please visit

Previous events

Building Smart Enterprises for resilience, sustainability, and growth - 8th December 2022

Happiest MindsClick here to register  and be part of the CxOs leadership series.

Happiest Minds in collaboration with TechMarketView (the UK’s most influential boutique analyst & advisory firm) is bringing together CxOs to a common platform for leaders to share and learn from each other via a series of webinars around the theme – “Driving an innovative and resilient digital future.”

We had a very successful first webinar with 50+ like-minded CXOs connecting on similar interests.

Second of the series - “Building Smart Enterprises for resilience, sustainability, and growth” will be kicked off by Phil Copperwheat, Director of Information Systems at Morgan Sindall Property ServicesPhil has been instrumental in leading an initiative within the Morgan Sindall Group called ‘golden-i’. He is driving an integrated operational and digital strategy that brings together transformative capabilities & disruptive technology to support scaling the business, meeting sustainability goals, enhancing client safety & experience in providing Morgan Sindall & their clients with valuable insights. 

Happiest Minds

Driving an Innovative and Resilient Digital Future - Webinar 9th May 2022

Happiest Minds webinarOn the 9th May 2022, in conjunction with Happiest Minds, we brought together CXOs to share and learn (via a series of leadership webinars), on the theme of  “Driving an Innovative and Resilient Digital Future”

Marc Hardwick (our Senior Research Director), along with Russell Sheldon (Chief Operating & Technology Officer, TMF Group) spoke in the first of this series on “Building Digital Resilience to Future Proof Your Organisation”.

DXC Sales Conference 2022

Jon daviesOn 9th February 2022, Jon C Davies enjoyed an interesting experience as he entered the metaverse to present at DXC Technology’s 2022 sales conference set in virtual reality (VR). The EMEA-wide event brought together around 1,000 members of DXC’s leadership and business development communities from across three continents, for a two-day programme of insights, collaboration, motivation and strategy.

Read more about the event in Jon's HotViews Extra research note.

Making Green from Green- Breakfast Webinar

Is there revenue from the sustainability agenda?

Date: 14th October 2021

Time: 9:30 am to 10:15 am

Green from green

As organisations take action today to carry out business in a way that will not compromise future generations, the commitment to sustainability is both high stakes and high profile. But if delivering on sustainability agendas is all cost and no business benefit the outcome will be sub-optimal in all areas. Only a few years ago sustainability and financial success were considered to be opposing goals, but a shift has been occurring among socially responsible organisations around the concept of the triple bottom line – People, Planet and Profit. There is now evidence that the “Office of Sustainability” is becoming an increasingly powerful influence on enterprise buyer behaviour.

This evolution in corporate thinking is not only intensifying the competitive pressures on software and services suppliers to accelerate the greening of their own operations, but also creating a new source of demand for tech-driven propositions which enable customers to realise their triple bottom line ambitions. It is also leading vendors to upgrade their existing offering portfolios to better serve the sustainability agendas of their clients. In this webinar we discuss the nature of this emerging market opportunity and explore how the supply side is gearing up to tap into the revenue streams that could flow from it.

Clarity of Purpose - Breakfast Webinar

Sponsored by


How the pandemic helped financial services focus on what really matters!

Date: 7th October 2021

Time: 9:30 am to 10:15 am

Clarity of purpose

The UK financial services industry has just experienced a “Black Swan” event like no other in living memory. Similar to previous crises that have affected this industry, COVID-19 has already proven to be a catalyst for significant change. When we finally look back, we will almost certainly conclude that the pandemic helped to fundamentally reshape this sector. The impact of COVID-19 has seen the vulnerabilities of heritage technologies brought into sharp focus, whilst an over-reliance on analogue methods has also been exposed. As a result, many organisations are now ‘shining a light’ on a new set of priorities as the imperative for technology-led change has become almost uniformly apparent.

End-user clients are increasingly targeting technology that is real-time, API-enabled and cloud native, and can facilitate, continuous product development (CPD) and remote deployment. Ultimately, the vast majority of technology supporting business processes within the financial services space will be consumed “as a Service” via hybrid/multi cloud environments. As some UK financial services firms consider wholesale transformation of their business processes and operating models, this webinar will discuss the key priorities for the industry and the crucial areas that are helping to drive SITS spend within the sector.

With thanks to our sponsors Aqilla.  

Hackers and Defenders - Breakfast Webinar

How greater use of public cloud is changing the cyber security landscape

Date: 30th September 2021

Time: 9:30 am to 10:15 am

Hackers and Defenders

It’s hard to believe Amazon Web Services has now been in operation for 15 years. Along with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, the UK’s three largest hyperscalers have made an indelible impression on the SITS market, changing the scene for good. The seismic shift to public cloud has created innovative and exciting opportunities for organisations and enabled a complete ‘gear change’ – but not without significant challenges. A non-strategic approach, failure to understand ‘cloud economics’, and lack of automation have caused serious problems for many.

In addition, migration of applications and data to the public cloud brings new cyber security threats with IT departments striving to keep close track of sensitive information across a hybrid operating environment. The hyperscalers have hardened their security protection and management solutions, while specialist suppliers have introduced cloud-native security tools optimised to safeguard distributed, cloud-hosted data and workloads. However, it’s not just about the technology. Putting in place the best approach and working with the right ecosystem of providers is absolutely key. In this webinar, we bring attendees up to speed on public cloud in the UK and explain how cyber security can be implemented to ensure the best possible line of defence.

Subscription clients can access videos from this webinar by clicking here.

Delivering Social Value - Breakfast Webinar

Sponsored bySopra Steria

Implications for public sector technology suppliers

Date: 23rd September 2021

Time: 9:30 am to 10:15 am

Delivering Social value

The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 introduced a requirement for public sector organisations to consider the economic, environmental and social benefits of their approaches to procurement, but it wasn’t until the start of this year that social value was required to be explicitly evaluated in all central government procurement. This requirement looks set to be extended to the wider public sector, with contracting authorities being told to consider creating new businesses, new jobs and new skills; improving supplier diversity, innovation and resilience; and tackling climate change and reducing waste, alongside additional local priorities, in procurement and contract management.

Public sector organisations are at differing stages of incorporating social value into the procurement process and across this varied sector there are a wide range of priorities; some organisations are more focused on skills development, others are more concerned about climate change. Increasingly, contracts will be won or lost based on social value credentials, so having a demonstrable commitment to improving skills, diversity, and sustainability will be vital for suppliers with aspirations in the sector. In this webinar we discuss the rising importance of social value in the public sector, the implications for technology procurement, and how suppliers can position themselves for success.

With thanks to our sponsors Sopra Steria.

Subscription Clients can access videos from this webinar by clicking here.

What exactly is low-code and why is it important to your business?

TechMarketView's Angela Eager joined Appain's webinar on May 18th 2021

What exactly is low code?

Angela EagerIf you need insight into what low-code is and how it is used for maximum success within financial institutions, join this webinar.

2021 has seen a rush of activity with suppliers addressing evolving transformation needs through avid investment in low-code platforms. The technology has a growing place within financial services organisations as part of the digital enabling toolkit, providing an agile way to align application development demands with deliverability while also addressing skills shortage issues. Register now to hear TechMarketView’s Research Director, Angela Eager explain who the players are within the low code market and why they are not all the same.

How can your organization benefit from low-code automation?

Joining Angela is Appian's Guy Mettrick, Global Industry Manager for Financial Services, who discusses the benefits of bringing low code development platforms into your digital ecosystem and the significant trends towards the convergence of low code with process automation and AI to enable the hyper automation needed to cope with the unexpected customer, market and economic shifts in today's markets.

TechMarketView's Jon Davies joined Appian's Managing Financial Services Risk in the Post-Pandemic World Webinar on March 30th 2021Managing Financial Services Risk in the Post-Pandemic World

Jon DaviesAgainst the backdrop of the unprecedented global impact of the coronavirus pandemic, effective enterprise risk management (ERM) is more pressing than ever. Top of the agenda for risk management professionals is to solve three key challenges:

  1. How can the risk management function create a stronger cross-organisational risk culture?
  2. How can risk management leverage technology to enable business agility without adding complexity and business risk?
  3. How can you automate your risk management landscape to enhance company performance, even in times of uncertainty and change?

In this webinar Stuart Duncan, Partner, NextWave Consulting, Laura Paul, Global Financial Services Industry Lead, Appian and Jon Davies, Financial Services Research Director, TechMarketView seek to answer these top industry challenges as they discuss the emerging risks facing banks and other financial institutions and how they can leverage technology to mitigate risk in the current climate.

TechMarketView's Angela Eager joined Civica's Perspectives* Live event on 25th March 2021

Making immersive technologies a reality for public services

Making Immersive Technologies a Reality for Public Services

From Augmented Reality (AR) apps on our smartphones, to virtual training using VR, immersive technologies are increasingly entering our daily lives. Already there are 171million active Virtual Reality (VR) users around the world, with 77% of millennials willing to use AR and VR in their daily lives.

Angela Eager

Perspectives from Civica outlined how this technology is starting to make an impact, but beyond ‘Iron Man’ and Pokémon Go, can immersive technologies really enhance public services? Join Civica as they discuss the potential and challenges with leaders and innovators across public services.

Featuring insight from TechMarketView's Angela Eager, Sense and the Chartered Institute of Housing, along with an expert cross-sector panel, the event will provide you with a deeper understanding of the possible, and how we can work together to deliver a positive impact for public services.

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