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Fintech Innovation "New Kids on the Block" - March 2021

Fuelled by a ready supply of funding, the UK financial services industry has become one of the most vibrant spaces for technology innovation and emerging business models. This document profiles a selection of some of the UK's most interesting and innovative fintechs. It is aimed at both TechMarketView's community of end-user financial services providers and at specialist SITS vendors.

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Customer Onboarding in Retail Banking "Pandemic exposes enduring challenges" - January 2021

Problems relating to customer onboarding have still not been resolved satisfactorily by the established high street banks in the UK. These failings have been badly exposed by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. Learn how and why these challenges prevail and explore some of the possible alternative approaches.

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UK Financial Services Predictions 2021 "Deciphering the legacy of the pandemic" - December 2020

2020's "Black Swan" event has had a significant and widespread effect on the macro-economy, the financial services industry and the technology sector. As a result, the unprecedented impact of the coronavirus pandemic will be felt well into 2021 and beyond. Our latest predictions for the UK financial services industry discusses the long-lasting effects of the pandemic and explores some of the key developments and trends likely to come to the fore during next year.

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Transforming Britain’s Building Societies “Keeping the Dream Alive” - November 2020

This report explores the challenges facing the UK building society sector as changing market dynamics have put the long-term survival of the sector under threat. The analysis examines why the traditional building society business model has left the sector vulnerable to modernisation elsewhere and discusses the factors inhibiting the adoption of new technologies. The report also discusses the vendor landscape and the technology options available to societies as they look to mitigate the risks associated with change.

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Financial Markets Transformation 2020 - October 2020

This report discusses the ongoing transformation of the UK’s financial markets sector. The analysis explores the internal and external factors driving change and examines the disruptive impact of digital technologies on established processes as well as the increasing influence of technology-driven business models. The report also takes a look at a varied cross-section of the specialist SITS vendors active in the financial markets sector.

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Mortgage Collections Post-Covid - October 2020

The customer profile of those requesting payment holidays is very different post-Covid than it would be in more “normal” circumstances. Many mortgage holders who are unable to make their payments, would have had no prior history of arrears or financial hardship. Here we discuss how lenders can best prepare themselves for a spike in demand as payment holidays come to an end.

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UK Financial Services SITS - Market Trends and Forecasts 2020 - September 2020

This report contains TechMarketView's latest in-depth examination of the trends impacting the UK financial services industry. The report includes a comprehensive analysis of the prospects for growth and provides detailed forecasts for SITS spend including an examination of each of the main vertical segments of the market. UK Financial Services SITS - Market Trends and Forecasts is part of a series of reports assessing market and supplier performance that includes the Financial Services UK SITS Supplier Ranking 2020 and Financial Services Supplier Prospects 2020.

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UK Financial Services SITS Supplier Ranking 2020 - August 2020

Almost every vendor in this year's Top 20 ranking is undergoing a transformation of its own. Some are further along the road than others, however, none has reached a final destination. For those playing catchup there is cause for optimism. However, for some vendors, tough decisions need to be made. COVID-19 has added further impetus to the pace of change within the financial services industry. However, with the possible exception of conducting business remotely, the strategic priorities have not altered significantly in light of the pandemic, but they are more pressing than ever.

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UK Financial Services SITS "Prospects for a Post-COVID-19 World" - April 2020

The disruptive impact of the coronavirus pandemic has leapt to the top of the corporate agenda, as the number one factor testing established business models and technology ecosystems alike. However, despite the unprecedented nature of the current crisis, all is far from doom and gloom for the SITS market within UK financial services. COVID-19 has already become one of the top drivers within the UK financial services SITS, in terms of technology innovation and digital transformation initiatives. This document discusses some of the major priorities for both end-users and SITS providers and explores the likely impact of the coronavirus over the short and longer term.

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UK Financial Services SITS Sub-Sector Comparison - March 2020

This report introduces TechMarketView’s segmentation and analysis of the main sub-sectors that constitute the UK financial services industry and explores the market for software and IT services (SITS) therein. The document examines the main market segments and explains the various vertical business functions that comprise each of them. The analysis explores, at a high level, the relevant trends impacting each of the sub-sectors in the context of the UK financial services SITS market as a whole. The report contains a variety of market sizing data drawn from TechMarketView’s proprietary SITS market model. Revenues presented in this report are based on TechMarketView’s own research and estimates, supported by our analysis of the performance of UK SITS providers and our discussions with the end user community.

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Insurtech Innovation "New Kids on the Block" - February 2020

Insurtech Innovation: "New Kids on the Block" details a "Hot 10" of innovative, tech-driven, UK insurance startups. In the context of TechMarketView's 2020 research theme of "Digital Chaos" it is the disruptive potential of these newcomers that is most likely to drive change within the insurance industry. Just as technology and innovative business models brought significant change in the 1990's with advent of the aggregators, so the new breed of tech-enabled propositions are now making an impact.

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Financial Services Supplier Prospects 2020 and Beyond - January 2020

This research examines the varying fortunes of the Top 10 leading SITS providers serving the UK financial services market and provides commentary on their successes and challenges. The analysis also explores what each of these companies will need to do, in order to secure future market success and provides a view on the potential challenges that all vendors in the financial services technology sector will face, over the medium to longer term. We recommend that this report is read alongside our latest Financial Services Supplier Rankings and our Financial Services Predictions 2020.

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