OffshoreViews Q1 2017 Review

Actions over declining revenue growth and declining margins among the Indian pure-plays (IPPs) have prompted wildly varying estimates on the potential impact on employment levels in the Indian IT industry.

One report claims that ‘hundreds of thousands of jobs could disappear in the next four years’. In contrast, India’s Law & IT Minister reportedly believes that the situation has been exaggerated. This is a view echoed by the leading suppliers, who claim that job losses have been overstated.

In this issue of OffshoreViews, we take look at the hirings and firings among the Top Six IPPs – the numbers may surprise you.

Meanwhile, as the H1-B visa hullaballoo rolls on, we take a look at the numbers of work visas being issued in the US and the UK. Again, the numbers may surprise you.

And, of course, there’s our regular updates on 7 of the mid-tier IPPs that operate in the UK.

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