The State of Global Fintech – a view from Money2020

The Money2020 event in Las Vegas, now in its 6th year, is the biggest and most important Fintech event in the world. More than ever before, this year’s event gave important clues about the way that the space is going to evolve. In previous years, the US tech giants – Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – have been hovering on the fringes of the financial services market, and similarly peripheral at the event. This year however they were high profile, with their A-teams on stage setting out their well thought through plans. Whilst the US is in most cases their initial focus, there is little doubt that the UK will be one of the first overseas markets they target.

Our latest FintechViews report focuses on the very real changes in strategy and competitive positioning of the internet giants, established banks and fintech newcomers as revealed at Money2020 in late October. These changes will also generate significant opportunities for Software and IT Services suppliers.

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