UK Public Sector SITS Market Trends & Forecasts November 2017

This report consolidates TechMarketView’s latest forecasts and trends for the UK public sector software and IT services (SITS) market. It builds on the UK Public Sector SITS Market Forecast Preview 2016-2020 report published in July by providing additional granularity on our view of the market trends and drivers for each of the six public sector subsegments.

We have segmented the market by both subsector (central government, local government, education, health, police and defence) and by the SITS market activities as defined by TechMarketView’s Asset Led Market Model (ALMM). ALMM segments the market according to the activities that are performed by the vendors to ‘service’ customers’ IT assets, i.e. infrastructure, applications and business processes (see TechMarketView UK SITS Market Structure & Definitions 2015 for more information on ALMM 3.0). The packaged software market is treated separately.

In this report, you will find detailed market size and forecast data for each of the UK public sector sub-segments. For example, forecasts are available for UK central government business process services, for local government software, or for defence infrastructure services.

An Excel spreadsheet with our market estimates & forecasts is available for subscription clients.

Ways to access this research

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